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Bigg Boss 15: Rajiv Adatia During The Nominations Task Says He Brought Entertainment Factor In The Show


December 8, 2021

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In the recent episode of audience’s and fans favorite reality show Bigg Boss 15, we are seeing how Rajiv Adatia is finally taking a strong stand for himself in front of Rakhi Sawant

Bigg Boss is a show focusing majorly on the celeb contestants showing their real personality to audiences and fans as a whole which often is hidden from them due to their starry persona. Here audiences and fans see for themselves and also assess and minutely observe how much have the contestants given entertainment factor inside the house by taking part in tasks, performing them by playing fair and square, keeping their use of physical strength and aggression to a bare minimum and keeping their behavior in check constantly so that it doesn’t come across as hurtful to other housemates. It is also about giving them wholesome entertainment by indulging in funny antics, shenanigans and most importantly also taking stand in issues inside the house which are of huge importance and standing firm by those decisions no matter what.

Over all this season ever since entry of the five fiery wildcard VIP contestants they all have been wreaking havoc on the NON VIP contestants who in return have been retaliating against them by not doing any assigned house duties.

In the episode, we all see that just like the previous episode, the nominations special task is seen going inside the house currently and this time out of all the VIPs, the reality TV star and renowned personality who is also a entertainment queen of Bigg Boss 14, Rakhi Sawant comes in as the sanchalak for the nominations and interestingly, even Rajiv and Nishant are the ones who get called together and come stand inside the witness box within the confession room wherein the task is seen going on.

Then Rakhi Sawant gives both of them a chance to have a healthy debate and give their points of why they both deserve to be saved and also tells them to say how much is this immunity important to both of them.

Rajiv starts and says that he is the one in between him and Nishant which needs to be saved and this fight for immunity is so much severe and intense that he also reveals that from the past three weeks that he came inside the house he has been entertaining the audiences and fans and also giving his thousand percent in tasks and performing it fair and square.

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Rajiv also said that before his entry that there was loads of physical aggression and violence and bad words being used frequently and after he came inside the house, there has been loads of entertainment and spice as well and audiences love it.

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