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Bigg Boss 15: Prince Narula Applauds Karan Kundrra For His Maturity On Social Media; Says, ‘Bhaiyo Me Kabhi Koi Competition Ni Hota’


December 5, 2021

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After watching the recent drama-filled episode of Bigg Boss 15, former BB winner and contestant Prince Narula also applauded Karan Kundrra for the maturity that he displayed in the episode

Where Bigg Boss 15 this season has always been identified as a show where audiences and fans assess and see minutely how the contestants play their game strongly by channeling their energy and intelligence with appropriate use of their mind, Here special emphasis is paid to the fact that when the contestants take stands for themselves whenever needed, audiences and masses are smart enough to chip in their opinions and observations of the same.

Hands down, Bigg Boss is the only show where audiences and fans see the celebrities for who they really are which is just a real, raw, and unfiltered version of them that makes it easier for fans and audiences to decide who deserves to win and who does not win the game in the end as it is all about contestants showing a realness to themselves throughout and not pretending to be fake and unreal till the end and also taking stands for themselves and others when they feel something is wrong and morally not correct and perform tasks by keeping their aggression and physical strength in check and not falling prey to bullying in the house by describing the strongness and emotional side to them along with also progressing themselves as individual and honing themselves as best versions of themselves.

In this journey the emotional upheavals and changing equations which they all go through along with loyalties being tested and also forming real bonds of love and friendship with some of the closest people to them in the house and their brilliance while playing the game is also assessed by fans and audiences as ultimately only they have the power in their hands to make anyone of them a winner or a loser as well based on how genuine the contestants have been throughout the show and they can make anyone a star or also make the strongest contenders a loser with their decision in just a matter of few decisive and life changing minutes.

Taking to his Twitter handle a few hours back, the former BB winner and contestant Prince Narula wrote two tweets. In the first one, he reposted a picture from a fan’s story which features Pratik and Karan and it has been written that is this a kick and if he is so weak, then why did he even go to this reality show and supporting Pratik the fan’s caption also expressed that even if he is supporting Pratik, but this time here Karan is very wrong as how could he forget that he is his teacher and mentor and also added that how can he say something so much vile and filthy to Pratik. Reposting this picture on his tweet post, Prince warned all the trolls and haters to stop targeting Karan and also gave his unconditional love and strength to Karan for staying firm.

In the next tweet, Prince has posted a short video clip in which Karan is seen praising Pratik about how he feels so proud that he is on the same platform today with him and is competing with him. He also said how Prince was also on the same show and won the show and today he is on a much bigger platform compared to him and is doing much better than him and also wrote how this is also a way of living life and going forward and everyone has to be together as one unit.

His caption for the video mentioned that he can never be bigger than Karan in any way and also wrote that there is no competition in brothers but only respect and also ended his tweet by writing Karan Kundrra we love you and added the hashtag STOP TARGETING KARAN.

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