Bigg Boss 15: Prerna Sehajpal Stands Strongly In Support Of Brother Pratik Sehajpal; Lashes Out At Umar Riaz For Pushing Him – READ TWEET

After watching the recent episode of Bigg Boss 15 just like fans and netizens even Prerna Sehajpal is backing her brother Pratik Sehajpal and is seen calling out Umar Riaz on social media for pushing Pratik


November 25, 2021

Bigg Boss 15

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Where we have been seen the gameplay of certain contestants from day one, out of all of the fans and audiences have been loving Pratik Sehajpal’s game so far till now as he refused to be part of the crowd and is seen playing for himself and not others but is also seen taking relevant stands for things he feels are right and correct in the house which is why Pratik has finally emerged as one of the top five contenders in this race according to audiences and media panelists list of the top five game players whose game has been loved by them as critics and also by masses equally as well.

The recent episode has not gone down too well with the fans, audiences as they all saw how Umar Riaz got unnecessarily over aggressive with Pratik Sehajpal during their nasty verbal spat and also pushed him and touched him even after Pratik warned him clearly not to do so which has elicited a lot of strong opinions and comments of ardent fandom army of Pratik Sehajpal who are now constantly slamming Umar Riaz on social media as well.

In midst of the celebrities like Gauahar Khan, Nikki Tamboli, Shefali Bagga, Parag Tyagi, Ekta Kapoor, Akasa Singh, Rani Mukerji, and several others who have constantly praised Pratik Sehajpal during their appearance or via social media and also are constantly cheering him up to stay strong always and not fall prey to the bullying in the house, joining in the fandom of rooting for Pratik Sehajpal from the day one is also his sister Prerna Sehajpal.

Known for supporting Pratik Sehajpal constantly and also is honest and blunt about what is right and wrong when others are constantly seen bullying him in the house, this time Prerna took to her official Twitter account a few hours back and wrote down a long emotionally heartfelt tweet post in which she started it off by mentioning wow and so many times Umar Riaz was seen pushing Pratik in the entire episode and is this kind of behavior really okay and acceptable. Also revealing how this is high time now as the tolerance and patience level has finally ended, this misbehavior and manhandling of her brother Pratik by Umar and others is not going to be done and allowed as Umar is so over-aggressive all the time. She also mentioned the hashtag JUSTICE FOR PRATIK in her tweet.

Furthermore also share how Pratik did not abuse him at all but each time even Umar wants the TRP from Pratik which is just utter bullshit and nonsense and ended her tweet with the hashtag Pratik Sehajpal and Pratik Is The Boss.

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