Bigg Boss 15: Mahhii Vij Is Missing Hubby And BB Contestant Jay Bhanushali Within 2 Days Of Him Entering The House

Not even two days full and Mahii Vij is already missing hubby Jay Bhanushali who entered Bigg Boss 15 house, recently. She is however watching the show with her kids on every night


October 4, 2021

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It’s that time of year again when millions of fans of television’s most popular reality programme will be riveted to their screens. Salman Khan is back and how. He has been winning hearts all these past seasons of Bigg Boss and now with this new 15th season, he is all set to be making the show even more popular.

Jay Bhanushali, the Bigg Boss 15 surprise package, had a spectacular entrance onto the programme, with the highlight being that the show’s host Salman Khan personally gave him the home tour. When we know Jay and Tara have a wonderful father-daughter relationship, Tara will get glimpses of her father from the other side while Jay is imprisoned in the home for the next 105 days.

Mahhi had organised a viewing party for Jay’s close friends and family to witness the premiere. She posted a video on social media of Tara’s shock when she saw Jay on television.

It’s not even been two days of Jay having gone to BB, Mahhi is already missing him. She took to her social media to share an innocent picture of the two together. Have a look:

She went to write that she knows that it’s going to be a big challenge to be away from her husband for such a long time. But she was excited for him to be a part of such a big reality TV show. It’s not even been a couple of days, and she is massively missing him, but at the same time praying for him to win the show as well. She even says that they both may be inside and outside, but their hands and hearts are joined forever. She hopes that this long wait to be away from her husband will be worth the wait and he will end up coming home as a winner from the show.

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Indeed their love is something for forever. Jay admitted that his daughter is his greatest vulnerability, and we can see why. It’s his family values that are showing now.

The two-year-old dashed towards the television and said, “Papa” after watching him onscreen on the show Bigg Boss. Isn’t it adorable?

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