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Bigg Boss 15: Mahhi Vij Pleased At Jay Bhanushali And Pratik Sehajpal’s Reconciliation


October 10, 2021

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Fans believe Jay Bhanushali has won the hearts of the crowd with his grounded conduct inside the Bigg Boss 15 house! Not only them, even Mahhi Vij believes so.

A week into Bigg Boss 15 and a few of ugly fights later, things are starting to clear up, even for the viewers, and there have already been hundreds of fan groups for prisoners in the previous 7 days. Mahhi Vij is pleased with her husband Jay Bhanushali and Pratik’s reconciliation! Pratik was spotted apologising to Jay after Salman chastised him for his behaviour, and Jay also let it go after Pratik apologised as the two embraced! Mahhi refers to the two as “Red Boys.”

Jay Bhanushali, an actor and anchor with a large fan following and love and support from his fans who have been a part of his journey since 2005, came under the microscope at the start of the week for his battle with Pratik Sehajpal. With verbal squabbles and name calling being a part of the game, the headlines about Jay quickly faded as other conflicts between participants erupted. Jay, who is known for being a family man, was seen cleaning the bathroom, which astonished his followers. In a recent interview, when discussing his pet peeves, Jay stated that the one thing he despises the most is cleaning the bathroom and expressed confidence that he would not have to do it.

Jay’s crew made a hilarious video about it. A spin off on Reality vs. Expectation. View the video here:

Only a few days into the Bigg Boss house, the programme has broken records for becoming the show with the most headlines in a week. Things heated up fast within the house, and in the week since they entered the programme, competitors have had some ugly and furious disputes, one of which even destroying Bigg Boss’ property.

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Jay Bhanushali, the surprise package and apparently the most paid actor on the programme right now, is being scrutinised for not mincing his remarks, for sticking out, and for refusing to accept the attitude of contestants towards him with quiet.

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