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Bigg Boss 15: Jay Bhanushali’s Wife Mahhi Vij Shares The Most Adorable Photo Of Her Daughter Tara And Her Husband – SEE PICS


November 26, 2021

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After being evicted out of the BB15, Jay Bhanushali has returned home and he has surely made headlines for the same. Now, his proud wife, Mahhi Vij has shared the most adorable photo of her husband and daughter

Jay Bhanushali’s in the BB15 was limited, unfortunately, but, our favorite character surely made headlines with his gameplay and we can’t deny that. From ugly fights to funny antics Jay Bhanushali was the one who had kept every person entertained inside the house.

Now, in the recent turn of events, Jay Bhanushali was ousted from the house and the Internet including avid fans of Jay Bhanushali had gone bonkers over this piece of information. But, Jay Bhanushali had missed his family a lot after being away from them for months, especially his cute and adorable daughter Tara.

After coming home, Jay Bhanushali made sure that he spent quality time with his daughter Tara and he had even shared a reel earlier, wherein Jay had handed over his hand to Tara and she had kissed her father’s hand. The video is extremely adorable.

Now, Jay Bhanushali’s wife took to her IG a few minutes ago and shared an adorable photograph of her husband, Jay and daughter Tara. The adorable father-daughter can be seen sleeping and Tara is holding her father’s head in the pic. The photograph will surely make you go ‘Awww’.

In the caption box, Mahhi Vij mentioned how lucky Tara is to have a father like Jay and their bond is something that she cherishes for life. Mahhi Vij shared that Jay is a good human being and he has set an example for Tara as well.

We are sure that once Jay Bhanushali would have reached home, his daughter would have hugged him tight. Not so long ago, a video of Tara had gone viral when Jay Bhanushali was inside the house, Tara was seen crying out loud and calling out her father Jay in the house. However, her mother Mahhi had calmed her down.

Also, in the BB15 house, we had seen that Jay Bhanushali had moved to tears when Bigg Boss had asked him to keep his daughter Tara’s dress outside the house. Reportedly, Jay has a habit of sleeping holding his daughter Tara’s dress but, when BB had asked to keep his daughter’s dress away from the house, Jay had gotten emotional and he had requested to BB to keep her daughter’s dress with utmost care and hand it over to him whenever possible.

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Don’t we love Jay Bhanushali and Tara? Yes, we do. Their bond is unmissable and we can’t wait for the next video that Jay will share with his adorable daughter Tara.

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