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Bigg Boss 15: Ieshaan Sehgaal And Afsana Khan Give Support To Tejasswi Prakash, Former Says; ‘Don’t Let Anyone Speak For You And Fight For You’ – READ


December 13, 2021

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Feeling happy and impressed by her gameplay, former contestants Ieshaan Sehgaal and Afsana Khan continuously are seen cheering up their favorite contender Tejasswi Prakash

Currently speaking about the game and speaking about the contestants, we can see that right from the first day in the house Tejasswi Prakash has gained a lot of love and appreciation for her gameplay by not just her fans and audiences which is seen each day on social media trends and not just them, but finally even the global superstar and host Salman Khan has gotten impressed by her way of playing the game and gave big hats off to her for always maintaining her bonds and connections and applauded her for taking stands for herself, her connections whenever the need was there for her to do so.

Apart from impressing Salman Khan in a recent episode who applauded and praised her for always staying strong for herself and also being true to her friendships and connections in the house no matter how many ever guests from outside came in and told her about it but she didn’t listen to them.

Ieshaan’s first tweet mentioned how Tejasswi should not let anyone speak for her and also not let others fight her battles as she is really stronger and also is a born fighter. He ended his tweet with the hashtag FIERCE WARRIOR TEJASSWI.

In the next tweet, Ieshaan wrote how he is feeling happy seeing the amount of love that is pouring in for his dear friend Tejasswi. He also added that any idol will be lucky to have fans like they all are and mentioned all of them to keep supporting her with the hashtag FIERCE WARRIOR TEJASSWI.

Applauding Tejasswi for her unconditional support to her friends, Ieshaan congratulated Tejasswi for winning the natural andaaz of the week and also added that her point of view, way of supporting friends always without expecting anything in return is amazing and gave hats off to her for same as this is a real winner quality which she has and ended his tweet with the hashtag FIERCE WARRIOR TEJASSWI.

In the next one, Ieshaan adds in that he wants Tejasswi to lift the trophy this time as she deserves it and ended his tweet with the hashtag FIERCE WARRIOR TEJASSWI.

Finally in his last tweet, he added that because he has spent time with Tejasswi in the house, it is one of the greatest memories that Ieshaan has as he knows how pure and strong Tejasswi is as a person and wrote that she would win in the end. He ended his tweet with the hashtag FIERCE WARRIOR TEJASSWI.

Afsana Khan took to her official twitter handle and wrote three tweets. In first one she mentioned how Tejasswi was outstanding in this week where she performed all tasks brilliantly and has killed it and added that she is feeling proud of her along with adding the hashtag FIERCE WARRIOR TEJASSWI.

In the next one, Afsana asserted how this entire week belonged to Tejasswi Prakash as she gave he thousand percent by performing all tasks brilliantly and stood up for right things and knows how to play the game. Afsana shared how Tejasswi always puts efforts in entertaining audiences and also mentioned that she is doing great and ended up adding the hashtag FIERCE WARRIOR TEJASSWI.

In her last tweet, Afsana wrote that Tejasswi is playing the game with honesty, dedication and and dignity. Afsana added how Tejasswi is the reason that audiences are watching and enjoying the show and ended her tweet with the hashtag FIERCE WARRIOR TEJASSWI.

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