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Bigg Boss 15: Fans Are Excited To See A New Love Story Brewing Between Rashami Desai And Umar Riaz – READ TWEETS


December 1, 2021

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Netizens and fans share their excitement and can’t keep calm enough as a new love story can be seen getting started where love is knocking on the doors of Umar Riaz and Rashami Desai and are cheering for the same on social media

It looks like apart from pushing each other, heated derogatory slangs being used by the contestants against each other, bullying others, insulting and mocking other contestants by picking on them constantly, new equations being formed, and old friendships being tested time and again, Bigg Boss 15 lately also has formed its separate fanbase on social media and internet the most widely loved lovestories and couples in specifically in this season which started with the most loved couple Mieshaan (Miesha and Ieshaan) followed by the most loved and popular power couple TejRan (Tejasswi and Karan) and joining this ongoing bandwagon of real life couples, fans ever since Rashami Desai’s entry in house as the wildcard VIP member have been feeling thrilled and now their wish is coming true as the lovestory between Umar Riaz and Rashami Desai is finally getting started in the house who are also being shipped on social media as UmRash. These ardent fans took to social media to reveal their excitement and happiness for same.

There’s no denying that Rashami and Umar know each other since the time of Bigg Boss 13 and from the outside and consider each other good friends and had also been seen hanging out together on a few occassions. Now that the duo are staying together inside the Bigg Boss house, viewers have finally got to see the glimpses and sneak peek of their chemistry, which is making them all wonder whether something serious is brewing between them or not.

During the Bigg Boss 15 livefeed, when Rashami Desai told Umar Riaz that she doesn’t have much clothes to wear inside the house to this Umar gave a sweet response that she can borrow his T-shirts to wear inside the house.

Both Rashami and Umar are quiet natural and also comfortable in each other’s presence. During the live feed, fans saw how Rashami was talking to Umar about how she doesn’t have much clothes to wear in the house. To which, Umar said that she can borrow his T-shirts and on this Rashami said to Umar that for her, he is the only person whom she knows in the house very well and which is the reason she can ask from him very honestly and on this Umar tried to tease her by asking her how well does she know him, to which she revealed that she has a lot of trust and faith in him but doesn’t know about his feelings for her especially.

One fan wrote how Rashami was asking for clothes to Umar and on this Umar said that she can take a t-shirt from him and when Rashami added that she knew him well and can ask him and on this when Umar asked how well does she know him and on this she said that atleast she can trust him which is what she feels and otherwise she doesn’t know much about his feelings.

Another fan wrote how she is happy that both Umar and Rashami are so cute and is loving their bond. She also added how both of them make her soul happy as Rashami is a genuine friend and when its necessary she would also criticize him and they both do better and motivate each other to be happy and also added that all should look at Umar’s face and smile.

Another fan admitted how Umar Riaz openly admitted his feelings for Rashami Desai saying that he likes her a lot and added the hashtag UmRash also sharing how she wants Rashami to be happy and she always chooses wrong people and added that she hopes Umar will stay true and also likes his sophisticated behavior though.

Another fan wrote how this is a great scene and added the hashtags UmRash, Umar Riaz and Rashami Desai.

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