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Bigg Boss 15: Evicted Contestant Akasa Singh Takes Sarcastic Dig On Neha Bhasin’s Statement – READ TWEETS


November 20, 2021

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Where the survival and friendship of each contestant get tested big time in Bigg Boss 15 every day, former contestant Akasa Singh finally gives in her reaction to Neha Bhasin’s controversial statement. Read on to know more

Where Bigg Boss 15 has always been about how the contestants play their game strongly with their mind and wit and also take stands for themselves whenever needed, it also places importance on how only it is the survival of the strongest and most loved celebs in the show that play a pivotal role in making the best out of the contestants by molding them into real winners who are also loved by audiences and fans.

We also saw how Akasa Singh had gotten eliminated from the house earlier this month due to fewer votes and then we saw Neha Bhasin’s entry in the house as a wildcard contestant which definitely changed the game and also spiced it up as well.

Now a few hours back Akasa Singh was seen interacting with fans on Twitter via an interactive session wherein she was seen giving answers to fans burning questions related to Bigg Boss 15 and then we saw how she is clarifying her bond with Pratik Sehajpal and also taking potshots at Neha Bhasin’s authoritative behavior of only claiming her friendship with Pratik which she found really upsetting and absurd.

Her first tweet mentions that she really needs clarity as she has never been territorial about a friend so this all is really baffling and vague for her and quoted Neha Bhasin’s explosive statement of how did Pratik dare make another friend in the Bigg Boss 15 house within a few weeks when he also made Neha as a friend in the digital show as well a few weeks back too.

Her next tweet is taking a sly dig at Neha Bhasin’s statement yet again in which Akasa mentions how upsetting it is to hear that in a matter of ten days itself your feelings keep on changing as people also do change. Expressing her fury Akasa also mentioned how Neha does not know her as a person since she was not really there when her and Pratik’s friendship and bonding got formed and also shared there is no need for this comparison since this is not even sounding like a playful dig at her just because of the singer coincidence.

Also sharing her hurt and anger in the next tweet, Akasa wrote how it is not cool that she has gotten trolled for a pure friendship she had with Pratik and it’s not cool that her mental health suffered. But that’s a separate conversation that should have nothing to do with Akasa or her friendship with Pratik and ended the tweet with the question of why does this keep coming up.

In the next few tweets by Akasa, she has clearly mentioned how hr friendship with Pratik has always been real and pure, and even when she had been in the house, Pratik was really respectful and didn’t even do a filthy joke regarding Neha when she was not there in the house and the main issue was the way Pratik spoke to Neha which pissed her off which is fine as in a friendship things like these always keep on happening and she had fought with Pratik regarding this as well which suddenly became about the pattern, replacement and all for Neha which is not even connected. She also said how she lost respect for Neha as a person when she uttered the sentence that Akasa’s love angle with Pratik didn’t even work out and if was about love angle for Akasa, then she would not have been in a slow and steady strong friendship with Pratik which is what happens in real life.









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