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Bigg Boss 15 Diwali Week: Jay Bhanushali Receives A Heart-warming Gift From Wife Mahhi Vij And Daughter Tara; It’s Sure To Melt Your Hearts


November 4, 2021

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In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15, contestants will be seen receiving gifts from their family members on the occasion of Diwali. This cute gift is sure to make your hearts melt

It’s time for some celebrations inside the Bigg Boss 15 house. While each one of us is caught up with festivities at home, Bigg Boss 15 contestants have been fighting against each other only to get the gifts that have come from their homes. The equation is changing between the contestants of Bigg Boss 15 every day. It takes not even a single minute for friends to turn into foes pr get into a verbal fight with each other. In the recent episode of BB 15, we saw Miesha Iyer showing her a different side after he learnt about an unknown comment Ieshaan had made behind her back. Miesha was seen telling Ieshaan that she will not let him move in with her.

Now in the latest episode, Jay will be seen receiving a heartwarming gift from his family and it will be everything about his daughter Tara and his wife Mahhi Vij. As seen in the live feed of the show, Jay will get a blanket made of Tara’s clothes. It all happened during the captaincy task that saw Miesha Iyer and Umar Riaz fighting against each other As per the rules, only these two contenders will decide if they want to give gifts to the contestants or not, and if they do then they will lose points. It was Miesha, who decides to give Jay’s gift to him since she shares a close bond. Mahhi sent Jay a blanket that she made from Tara’s clothes.

Soon after Jay opens the gift, Nishant Bhatt and Karan Kundrra can’t hold themselves back from staring t the blanket. Proving her friendship, Miesha was seen losing a point for Jay Bhanushali.

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Meanwhile, in the recent episode, we also saw Karan Kundrra getting into a war of words with Pratik Sehjpal over Afsana Khan, so much so that their argument will lead to a different point where Karan Kundrra will be seen breaking down in tears.

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