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Bigg Boss 15: Devoleena Bhattacharjee Plays Cunning Game, Says; ‘You Have Messed With A Wrong Girl’


December 3, 2021

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The heated equations are seen changing and getting more intense in Bigg Boss 15 right now because Devoleena Bhattacharjee is seen playing a dirty move to make VIPs angry on the NON VIPs

Where Bigg Boss 15 has always been about how the contestants play their game strongly with their mind and wit and also take stands for themselves whenever needed, it is the only show where audiences and fans see the celebrities for who they really are. This is true that it also shows fans and audiences up close and personally the unknown and hidden side to the celebrity contestant’s star persona that they don’t usually show to the fans and audiences.

It is a show where the power is in hands of audiences and fans that smartly form their own opinions regarding which celebs personality looks genuine and is not fake in any sense. They also judge each one of them based on who really is an all-rounder according to them and later on based on their votes the top five contestants are decided and from them only two make it to the finals.

In the episode we all see how the NON VIP contestants straightaway go inside the VIP room to make lives of VIP contestants more difficult and painful with each passing minute and second after Devoleena acts mighty and arrogant by not giving a fair decision which angers the celeb contestants in house to such a huge extent that in next minute all VIPs are feeling shocked and flabbergasted to know their strong and form decision of not doing any house duty assigned to them not being an empty threat but being real which makes them all a bit fearful and scared from the NON VIPs.

Then in next scene we all can see how Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Rashami Desai are seen sitting together on the couch in the house and feeling morose and dejected looking at the rebellion against their VIP team getting so much intense in the house right now that they didn’t imagine it to be till this extent that serious and fiery within the NON VIPs wherein their stance clearly showcased a damn strong sentiment of not doing any work or task assigned by the VIP team to them inside the house.

Then we all also see how Devoleena Bhattacharjee who is known to be very manipulative and conniving cunning fox lately by fans on social media as she doesn’t have a mind of her own and also got slammed by her own team in recent polo task as mad and mental went over to where the beds of all the VIP housemates were there and decided to have a bit of drama in the house.

Devoleena ends up messing up all their beds entirely and throws away all their blankets and pillows on the ground and says that unfortunately all the NON VIP contestants have messed up with the wrong girl and would have to pay heavily for same.

After doing all that, Devoleena goes towards where Ritesh and Abhijit are seen sitting and says that see what the NON VIPs have done with every VIP members beds right now and this causes all the VIP members to become really furious and angry with the housemates who have actually not done anything right but were not even there when all of this happened.

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