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Bigg Boss 15: Check Out A Fan’s Savage Reaction On Tejasswi Prakash Being Harassed By Rakhi Sawant In Kitchen


December 1, 2021

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After watching the recent episode of fans and audiences favorite reality show Bigg Boss 15, a fan’s blunt reaction to Tejasswi Prakash being irritated constantly by Rakhi Sawant in the kitchen in Tejasswi’s support is taking social media by storm

Right from the time when along with other wildcards, more specifically as Rakhi Sawant and her husband Ritesh have come inside the house as the VIP members from that moment itself this husband-wife duo constantly keep on targeting the relationship of Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra by calling it pretentious, plotted and fake which has elicited mixed reactions from the contestants inside the house and now Rakhi’s misbehavior towards Tejasswi is seen getting more evident which also shows her dislike for her and she is not leaving a single moment to torture her be it any trivial and petty issue or not Rakhi and Tejasswi have been locking horns from past few days and always are seen engaging in a verbal war of words with each other in the house which has angered many fans who have been slamming Rakhi and supporting Tejasswi.

A fan’s savage reaction is going viral on twitter in which she has posted a video clip of the live feed that showcases how other contestants are in the kitchen along with Tejasswi and Umar who are busy prepping for the breakfast in the morning according to the assigned house duties by the VIPs and outside we see Rakhi is seen shouting on top of her voice and using a rude tone and ordering both of them to make good food for her and rest of them.

We also see how this tone irks both Tejasswi and Umar and then giving an answer to this, Tejasswi says that even other contestants have not gotten dinner to eat yet but they are not shouting and howling loudly like Rakhi is doing and then the scene fades into Rakhi and Shamita discussing how poha and sabudaana can also be eaten in the evening during the tea time and all and can be used in several ways as well and then Rakhi is seen saying that if she would not have gotten sabudaana to eat today at breakfast than she would have taken the entire house on her head and wreaked havoc inside the house which irked Pratik Sehajpal who was also doing his assigned duty in the kitchen and he mentioned that her moods are unpredictable as yesterday she did not want sabudaana and today she is asking for the same to them for making and then Rakhi says that she wants to eat it so she will and she will ask permission from Abhijit to eat it and on this Pratik says that she should definitely eat it now after so much chaotic discussion here and added that no one can keep her hungry and Pratik says that no one is keeping her famished or hungry and when Rakhi says that whenever saabudana would be made she will eat it and on this he mentions that she is capable enough to eat an entire human being as well not just food and on this Rakhi mentions that she would swallow an entire person and he’ll never know when she has swallowed him and warns him to stay away from her and take care of himself.

The fan’s caption mentions how something is wrong with people here and that she hates several bad energies inside the kitchen and these VIPs are giving orders to Teju like she is their chef and also it feels like Rakhi has been given clear instructions by Bigg Boss of going inside the house just to harass Tejasswi.

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