Bigg Boss 15: Ahead Of Their Entry, Rakhi Sawant Reveals Ritesh Told Her, ‘Main Tujhe Jootha Saabit Nahi Karunga, Tu Chup Rahegi, Sirf Main Bolunga’

Ahead of her entry as a wild card contestant in Bigg Boss 15 house with husband Ritesh, Rakhi Sawant spilled the beans about convincing him to enter the show. Read on


November 25, 2021

Bigg Boss 15

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Television’s most controversial and entertaining queen Rakhi Sawant is back to entertain Bigg Boss 15 fans with her crazy antics. But seems like, Rakhi’s entry is going to boost the TRP of the reality show as Sawant is going to introduce her husband Ritesh for the first time to her fans on national TV. Yes, you heard that right! In the upcoming episode, not only Rakhi will enter the show as a wild card contestant, even she will show her fans her husband Ritesh’s first glimpses. But before we see them taking everyone by shock and surprise, Rakhi revealed to an entertainment media portal that her husband has asked her to keep quiet as he has decided to take the questions this time.

Speaking about the same, Rakhi told a leading entertainment portal that her husband Ritesh is entering for only Salman Khan and to support his wife, Rakhi. She went on to state that a lot of people thought that she was lying about her marriage but her husband told her that he won’t prove her a liar in front of her fans and viewers as he’s finally going to expose himself. Not only this, Rakhi also revealed even the Bigg Boss team thought she was lying about her marriage and husband until they met Rakesh. During the same interview, when Rakhi was asked about her husband’s previous marriage, she said that she’s been asked to not comment.

Rakhi revealed that her husband has given her the warning asking her to keep mum as he said, “Tu abhi kuch nahi bolegi, jo boluga mai boluga.” Rakhi further revealed that it was ‘difficult’ to convince Ritesh to enter Bigg Boss 15 house. She said that Ritesh has a huge turnover in a single day but he is sacrificing everything only for her. Being a doting wife, Rakhi lastly thanked him.

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