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Bigg Boss 15: Afsana Khan Reveals How Badly Umar Riaz Is Being Sidelined And Targeted For No Reason


December 14, 2021

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he recent few episodes have been full of high voltage drama that happened inside the house and after seeing this, the singer and former contestant Afsana Khan took to her Twitter account and wrote this in support of Umar Riaz

We all know that even when the hunk doctor and model Umar Riaz has been winning the hearts of fans and audiences with his gameplay right from day one, he has been gaining a lot of accolades and love from fans, netizens and viewers as well but sadly, whenever the celebrity guests come inside the house on Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan, they end up grilling and lashing out on Umar for his intense aggression and bringing his profession in between they also share how being a doctor this kind of behavior is unacceptable from him and Salman in the recent episode also added that he should stop behaving like his younger brother Asim which made him feel really bad and emotional.

Now being a former contestant of the controversial reality show who got evicted by makers for her uncivilized behavior, Afsana Khan has become an ardent viewer and fan of the show who never misses any single episode and always is seen taking to her official social media handle where she is rooting for her favorite contestants Karan, Tejasswi and Umar quite frequently on Twitter and she is always seen in highlights because of her opinion on the contestants.

Recently she took to her Twitter handle and wrote a long tweet in appreciation of her closest friend and brother Umar Riaz on social media. She mentioned how she is feeling sad and upset by watching that out of all people, Umar has been getting constantly sidelined, targetted, and bashed for no reason at all inside the house by the celebrity guests and even host Salman Khan who lashed out at him in the recent episode was so not fair and cool.

She also added that how whenever he says something or takes his stand on the issues inside the house, then it ends up becoming a huge mudda inside the house and everyone starts shouting and attacking him unnecessarily and also asked this question to fans which is that when others ask him the same question, then it is okay and fine. She added the hashtag UMAR RIAZ ARMY and COLORS STOP HARASSING UMAR.

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