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Bigg Boss 15: Afsana Khan Is Strongly Standing In Support Of Tejasswi Prakash; Says, ‘You Were Outstanding In This Week’


December 5, 2021

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The renowned Punjabi singer and former BB contestant Afsana Khan feeling impressed with Tejasswi Prakash’s gameplay at recent tasks in Bigg Boss 15 has taken to social media giving her lots of love and support

Where Bigg Boss 15 this season has always been identified as a show where audiences and fans assess and see minutely how the contestants play their game strongly by channeling their energy and intelligence with appropriate use of their mind, we also see how emphasis is paid to the fact that when the contestants take stands for themselves whenever needed, audiences and masses are smart enough to chip in their opinions and observations of the same.

Hands down, today Bigg Boss is the only show where audiences and fans see the celebrities for who they really are which is just a real, raw and unfiltered version of them that makes it easier for fans and audiences to decide who deserves to win and who does not win the game in the end as it is all about contestants showing a realness to themselves throughout and not pretending to be fake and unreal till the end and also taking stands for themselves and others when they feel something is wrong and morally not correct and perform tasks by keeping their aggression and physical strength in check and not falling prey to bullying in the house by describing the strongness and emotional side to them and these all ingredients are important for masses and critics who decide their top two or top five contenders for the coveted trophy and prize money that ultmiately goes to only one person in end.

Even before the bottom-six eliminations in the house, we saw Afsana Khan’s elimination after she threatened to hurt others and herself when she did not win a specific task and as a result, she got ousted by the Bigg Boss and her journey how much full of emotional upheavals it was, ended. Now being a former contestant and also a renowned Punjabi singer who has given hit songs like Titliaan and Na Maar as well, she has been watching Bigg Boss 15 minutely and never misses any single episode as well.

It is very clear and evident that she is rooting for her faves who are also her brothers, Karan Kundrra, Umar Riaz, and Tejasswi Prakash on social media. Taking to her social media handle a few hours back now, Afsana Khan ended up praising Tejasswi Prakash in her tweet and wrote how outstanding she had been throughout this entire week wherein she performed all the tasks brilliantly and also slayed and killed it like a diva and ended her tweet with how she is feeling so proud of Tejasswi and added the hashtag TOOFANI TASKER TEJASSWI.

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