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Bigg Boss 15: A Fan’s Video Tweet Of Manu Punjabi Lauding Shamita Shetty For Being So Blunt And Honest Starts Conversation


December 16, 2021

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Just like each day when fan tweets and reactions on Bigg Boss 15 takes social media ablaze, even this time as well a fan’s video tweet wherein Manu Punjabi has been rooting and applauding how Shamita Shetty is in best for within the game is going viral

In the last few episodes specifically ever since the last week, talking about the gameplay of contestants on social media, we have been seeing that Shamita Shetty who has been winning the hearts of her fans and audiences from day one and lately when many netizens had been feeling how she was seen feeling low and down in last week but still she didn’t give up and gave her hundred percent in the tasks which is the reason that even Salman Khan applauded her for the same.

Like all the other celebrities who have been having an assorted and selected pick of their favorite contestants that they all are supporting, even the former BB contestant and actor Manu Punjabi has been watching this season very minutely and has been giving support for his favorite contestants this season.

A fan has posted the video clip in which Manu Punjabi is seen applauding and also mentioned how he loved the way that Shamita Shetty has been standing up for herself and taking stands related to issues in the house and is firm by it. He also added that the best part that he likes about Shamita is that she is very blunt and honest.

Saying the dialogue of Shamita Shetty to his viewers, Manu re-enacted the entire scene and mentioned that particular moment when Karan and Shamita were talking to each other in the corner and suddenly Tejasswi barged in, that time, Shamita to Tejasswi said, ‘Am I answerable to you. Do you need an answer from me’.

Then she also with a finality in her tone said, ‘Karan we should stop this conversation because I don’t want to. I don’t want to talk in front of her’. In this scene Tejasswi was seen getting speechless and her mouth was completely open.

Manu also shared how he loved watching Shamita Shetty play her game with so much of finality and firm tone in her stance which also reflected in her voice and applauded her way of playing and talking to Tejasswi and making things clear as well and also added how people like her are needed in house who are like her in nature.

Fans have reacted in comments on this fan’s video tweet and one fan wrote that everyone is bashing Shamita Shetty for no fault of hers and also added that she does not have huge fan following but everyone is loving her a lot and also quipped about everyone taking nepotism out of her and seeing her for being a real person.

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