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Bicchoo Ka Khel Review: A Game Of Snake And Ladders That Plays With The Dice Of Power And Politics

Aditi Sharma

November 19, 2020

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Bicchoo Ka Khel is a ZEE5 Original that started streaming recently. The revenge drama has an interesting storyline, witty dialogue delivery and a realistic portrayal to it.

Bicchoo Ka Khel is a ZEE5 original that released recently. The revenge drama features Divyendu Sharma in the lead role. The story is a narrative about an aspiring writer, Bicchoo, who becomes a prime suspect in a murder investigation after he shoots the people responsible for his father’s miseries. This web series is full of revenge, mystery and romance which will keep you glued to your seat.

Akhil Shrivastav kills one of the most esteemed lawyers of Banaras and becomes the prime murder suspect of the case. Akhil aka Bicchoo then narrates the ‘Bicchoo Ka Khel’ and explains how it started. He talks about how his father was killed and a big scandal was organised by the elite people of Banaras. In a turn of events, Bicchoo finds out the proof of the whole scandal. But eventually becomes the one who rules Banaras.

Guns, goons, murders and scandal – Welcome to Banaras. Everyone is planning to succeed in their own motives with no fear of law. While the rich people are busy getting their work done at gunpoint, some poor find the opportunity to fall in love with the women of these rich families. High on political vendettas and dirty gambling, Bicchoo Ka Khel starts with a lot of humour revealing its cards to turn into a revenge drama, a murder mystery and a big money scandal.

Bicchoo Ka Khel centres on Akhil Shrivastav aka Bicchoo who is a big obstacle in the major scandal of Banaras Development project. The gripping revenge drama escalates with murder revelations and Akhil Shrivastav ending up organising a game that leads to an investigation of a scandal. The dark narrative is certainly intriguing and gives a sudden adrenaline rush with its mystery. Bicchoo’s quirky narration of his big revenge game just adds more oil to the burning fire.

Divyendu Sharma has stolen the limelight with his amazing and commendable performance as Akhil Shrivastav. His dialogue delivery certainly makes his character portrayal gripping for the audience. His character Bicchoo creates a relatability with the audience with his impressive portrayal. Anshul Chauhan, who plays the protagonist’s love interest, has done a fine job as well. She is able to capture the essence of the role and allows the viewer to connect with her strong-willed, enchating character. The supporting cast of Mukul Chadda, Zeishan Quadri, Rajesh Sharma, Satyajit Sharma, and Gagan Anand skillfully add flavour and depth to an already gripping watch.

The Bicchoo Ka Khel journey has very realistic visualisation which keeps the audience on their feet to know what would happen next. The repetition of the character could lead to dullness but Divyendu Sharma’s natural charm and quirkiness made sure that repetition looks more intriguing making the series a binge-worthy mystery thriller. The stellar cast of Bicchoo Ka Khel surely does a commendable job and give strong performances to make the web series a must-have in your watchlist. Bicchoo Ka Khel is a perfect combination of power, politics, witty one-liners and an amazing flow of the story.

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