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Bicchoo Ka Khel: 10 Characters Who Committed a Murder and Got Away With It (Spoiler Alert)

Aditi Sharma

November 27, 2020

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Ever heard about the idiom ‘Killing two birds with a single stone’. Akhil Shrivastav in Bicchoo Ka Khel took it too seriously when he killed Anil Chaubey. Well! not only him here are some other characters who share the same sentiment. Have a look.

Bicchoo Ka Khel has recently premiered on ZEE5. The murder mystery is a twisted narrative about how Akhil Shrivastav, a street-smart lawyer killed Benares’ esteemed lawyer Anil Chaubey. Though the case seems clear like water, Akhil manages to surprisingly get away with it. Bicchoo Ka Khel’s Divyendu Sharma has done a fantastic job in portraying the character of Akhil Shrivastav. As Bicchoo played a perfect ‘khel’ of getting away with the murder, here are a few characters that made a perfect plan to escape after committing a murder. Take a look.

1.Akhil in Bicchoo Ka Khel

Akhil Shrivastav is a street-smart lawyer who killed an elite personality Anil Chaubey at a public event. Though police make him a prime suspect in the murder, Bicchoo escapes the jail with a perfect plan. He kills Chaubey with a 9 mm bullet and holds an 8mm bullet in his hand when he fires a shot in front of everyone at the function. With his witty nature, he gets successful in tricking the police and the judge to make them believe that Chaubey’s love interest killed him for his own motives. However, the police till the end expresses the dilemma about how Anil Chaubey was killed in Bicchoo Ka Khel.

Biccho Ka Khel
Source: ZEE5

2.Sameera in Hacked

In the show Hacked, Sameera aka Sam (Hina Khan) is an employee at a magazine company. She has a neighbour Vivek (Rohan Shah) who is a psychotic hacker and falls in love with Sam. He hacks her office system just to teach Sam a lesson after she slaps him. In a turn of events, Sam finds out about Vivek being a psycho who uses his hacking skills to threaten women. Sam kills Vivek after he wipes all evidence about her killing Vivek. She then escapes police investigation and police never gets to know who killed Vivek.

3.Siddharth in Jamai 2.0

Siddharth (Ravi Dubey) in Jamai 2.0 seeks revenge from Roshni’s (Nia Sharma) mother DD( Achint Kaur). Siddharth uses Roshni to seek revenge from her mother. Siddharth kills a girl who is found in a pool but no one knows who killed her. He escapes after killing the girl. He also puts Jatin in a coma after he sees Siddharth and Roshni making out.

4.Karthik in Raat Baaki Hai

In the upcoming ZEE5 Original, Karthik (Anup Soni) in Raat Baaki Hai ends up meeting his love interest Vasuki after 12 years. However, when he meets Vasuki, he is actually running from the law as he is a suspect for the murder of Vani Chopra. Officer Rajesh Ahlawat (Rahul Dev) investigates the murder but Karthik says that he remembers nothing about the murder. Though the prime suspect is found, Ahlawat would still be searching for clues to consider him guilty.

Raat Baaki Hai teaser review
Raat Baaki Hai teaser review

5.ACP Abhimanyu and Daisy in Dark 7 White

CM Yudhveer Singh (Sumeet Vyas) is portraying a lead role in ZEE5 show Dark 7 White. He is responsible for several wrongdoings with the help of power and politics. However, he gets killed and that’s when a murder mystery is created with more than 10 suspects of the murder. From his own wife to frenemies, CM Yudhveer Singh’s murder becomes a big deal for ACP Abhimanyu (Jatin Sarna). However, interestingly, it is ACP Abhimanyu and Yudhveer Singh’s wife Daisy who killed Yudhveer and smartly escapes the whole investigation.

Source: ZEE5

6.Vishwa in Expiry Date

Vishwa (Tony Luke) in Expiry Date finds himself in a condition where he wants to kill himself as he finds out about his wife Disha’s (Sneha Ullal) extramarital affair however he later falls in a situation where he kills his own wife. When police question Vishwa, he smartly escapes and also creates a plot where he makes police believe that he has been attacked by goons appointed by Disha and Sunny. On the other hand, Vishwa also joins hands with Sunitha (Madhu Shalini), Sunny’s wife to get away from Disha’s murder.

7.Ranveer Pratap Singh in The Chargesheet: Innocent or Guilty?

Ranveer Pratap Singh (Arunoday Singh) is an elite politician in the show The Chargesheet: Innocent or Guilty? The show begins with the gruesome and heart-wrenching murder of a National-level table tennis player Shiraz Malik (Shiv Panditt). Shiraz Malik lives a happy married life with his wife Antara (Tridha Chaudhary). However, the powerful politician fancies his wife and decides to kill him to get to her. The police investigate the murder but Ranveer Pratap Singh escapes the murder investigation brilliantly.

8.Keshav in Judgementall Hai Kya

Keshav ( Rajkummar Rao)  in Judgementall Hai Kya is a serial killer who kills his own wife. Bobby (Kangana Ranaut) who has an eccentric personality is framed by Keshav in front of the police that she is the one who killed Reema ( Amyra Dastur). Till the end, Keshav escapes the police’s investigation. Later, it is revealed that he is a serial killer who killed his own wife and also killed his first wife.

Source: ZEE5

9.Rehana in The Casino 

The Casino is a thriller focusing on a casino owner, his son and a mayor. However, the one who steals the limelight is Rehana (Mandana Karimi) in the show. Rehana who is adored by the casino owner Marvah, falls in love with his son Vicky. However, her true intentions are to take over Marvah’s casino. She kills Marvah with a brilliant plan as she traps Rinzin in his murder. She also plots against Vicky to takeover casino after declaring that Vicky died of an accident. This is how Rehana escapes after killing Marvah.

10.Sonam in Abhay 2

In the series Abhay 2, Abhay (Kunal Kemmu) has been put into a trap by the Villain as he tries to save missing kids. Till the end of the series, Abhay has been put into investigating several different murders. While he finds the accuses, the villain kills the accused killers by entering into the police station. Abhay’s love interest Sonam (Asha Negi) who was rescued by him was revealed to be a part of all the killing as she was helping the villain. Abhay sets a trap for the villain and succeeds in killing him, however, Sonam is not found anywhere. Thus, Sonam brilliantly escaped after killing people.

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