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Bhagya Lakshmi 01 September 2023 Written Update: Neelam allows Lakshmi to stay

Rajiv Guwal

September 13, 2023

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Harleen stops Neelam and says that she cannot choose between her and Lakshmi. Later, Neelam allows Lakshmi to stay, and Malishka asks her to start the preparation for Rishi and her engagement.

In the previous episode of Bhagya Lakshmi, everyone feels upset over each other’s decision regarding Lakshmi. Lakshmi too thinks about the situation and realises that she doesn’t wish for Neelam and Rishi to be divided. The next morning, Virendra tries to talk to Neelam, who states that she regrets Lakshmi’s presence in the house and that it will certainly hinder Rishi and Malishka’s ring ceremony. Later, Lakshmi comes home but Karishma stops her at the door and asks her to leave. Virendra interjects but she continues to berate Lakshmi. Harleen feels elated seeing Lakshmi. Neelam states that Virendra must decide, but Harleen gives an order to everyone and says that no one can throw Lakshmi out. Sonal tells Kiran that Vikrant has met her and Malishka and said that he has a plan. Lakshmi tries to reason with Harleen and says that Neelam cannot leave the house.

In the next episode of Bhagya Lakshmi, Harleen stops Lakshmi from leaving the house. Everyone gets shocked over it and Karishma asks her if she will let Neelam leave the house. Lakshmi begs her to go but Neelam mentions that she will be leaving the house as Virendra and Harleen have stopped Lakshmi. Neelam leaves despite Aayush and the others begging her not to go. Malishka calls Sonal and tells her that Neelam is adamant about leaving. Rishi later shouts at Soniya and defends Lakshmi against her accusations. Lakshmi begs everyone to not fight and later, Harleen reasons with Neelam and says that she cannot choose between her and Neelam. Lakshmi tries to leave but Neelam and Harleen resolve their differences, and everyone decides to stay in, despite Karishma’s objection towards Lakshmi. Neelam allows Lakshmi to stay but warns that she will throw Lakshmi out if she does something to harm the family. Malishka later, asks Lakshmi to start preparing for her and Rishi’s marriage.

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