Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain: 5 Funny Episodes That You Must Revisit

Ankita Tiwari

June 25, 2020


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Most Loved Show - Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain

In the recently conducted High Five With ZEE5 awards of the OTT platform ZEE5, the &TV show Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain bagged the Most Viewed Award! The show deserves the award as the actor Aasif Sheikh said that they have been working on it consistently for five years now. Saumya and Rohitashv too accepted the award and deemed themselves lucky to be receiving it. The show has entertained the audience for a long time now. Even during the lockdown, many people stuck to their routine of watching the show and its re-run! Let’s have a look at the five best episodes of the show.

1. BST - Bhabi Savidhnya Tax

In this episode, the Bhabiji Sanidhya Tax is introduced by the Government and this has a negative effect on the men of the modern colony. Their smiles are wiped out as they cannot talk to their favourite Bhabiji’s anymore. Vibhuti and Manmohan are both out of their minds as they cannot talk to Anita and Angoori. But the men of the Modern Colony try to strike against Government’s initiative. They also do a hunger strike. And gradually after a long time. The government agrees to lift the tax.

2. Tiwari's wedding with Reshma

Tiwari is asked to marry Reshma. He is said to have a bad sign in the near future as said by his astrologer. Reshma is a buffalo and she is Vibhuti’s uncle’s daughter (he adopts her). Vibhuti is asked to get her married to a suitable boy. Vibhuti’s uncle promises to give him 50 crore rupees for the same.

3. The Holi colours does not wash out

The colours of the Holi refuse to leave. In this episode, everyone at Modern Colony plays Holi and the colours used to play Holi are made by Vibhuti. Vibhuti says that he has made organic colours that would help people in making their skin brighter and healthier. But the colour is chemically made and refuses to leave the skin! The people of Modern Colony try to find out who has done this.

4. Helen and Bhoorey together?

Helen and Bhoorey are found together in the lover’s park! What happens next is a series of comic acts. Helen and Bhoorey are both told by their children to not indulge in anything that would tarnish their image but the duo rebels. Vibhuti and Manmohan set out to find them to no avail. This is a super fun episode where Helen and Bhoorey fool everyone.

5. The necklace conspiracy

Vibhuti throws the stolen necklace at Tiwari’s residence as Anita starts to vomit just like the owner of the necklace predicted. The necklace is said to be cursed. The necklace then gets delivered to Angoori. But Manmohan saves his wife by giving the necklace back.

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