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Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai 09 March 2022 Written Update: Happu sets out to investigate ‘Chalu Chikni Chachi’ but falls prey to it


March 9, 2022

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Vibhuti publishes a scandalous story about Happu and Rusa in his magazine, ‘Chalu Chikni Chachi’. He also plans to publishes the story about David and Anita having served jail-time. Happu eyes the paper boy with suspicion.

In the previous episode of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai, Prem lauds Vibhuti for his new magazine named and informs him of its popularity. Ammaji asks Tiwari to get her character certificate and new aadhar card made, since he would be contesting the local elections. Vibhuti spies on Masterji as he asks his wife to scratch his back. As his wife holds his belt in her hands, Vibhuti clicks their picture at such a moment that it would make it seem as if the wife were beating Masterji. Later, Angoori tells Vibhuti about Ammaji and her going to be contesting the elections, as she awaits ‘Chalu Chikni Chachi’- Vibhuti’s anonymous magazine. At the tea stall, Tiwari reads out the news to everyone and they share a laugh, as Masterji sits in shame. Anita hears a sound in her kitchen and finds David hiding in the fridge, with his luggage placed outside. She lets him in the house. Vibhuti asks Prem for his phone with a new number and calls Ammaji anonymously. He manipulates her into spilling the secret about priest Ramfal. The next day, everyone finds that the magazine has become chargeable. Without a thought, everyone buys it and reads the story about Tiwari, as Tiwari hangs his head in shame. At Tiwari’s house, Vibhuti reads out the story to Ammaji and Angoori, as Ammaji paces across the room in worry and Angoori lets out amused chuckles.

In the latest episode of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai, Tiwari and Ammaji worry about the defaming article against Tiwari published in ‘Chalu Chikni Chachi’. Tiwari, Masterji and Malkhan approach Happu at the police station to take action against the owner/creator of the new magazine ‘Chalu Chikni Chachi’ that publishes sensationalised, often false gossip about the Modern colony residents. Happu dismisses their plea citing the anonymous nature of the magazine’s owner, and the other inspector mocks him for not looking into the matter and investigating it. David and Anita make idle chit-chat and Tiwari arrives to vent his distress to Anita. Both David and Anita start to mock and laugh at him and he leaves out of shame. A couple of goons catcall Rusa and Happu comes to her rescue. He thrashes the goons and Rusa hugs him out of gratitude. Meanwhile, Vibhuti spies on then and clicks their pictures while they’re locked in a hug. David and Anita insult Vibhuti while he eavesdrops on them from a distance. They then tell each other about the times when they served jail-time, and Vibhuti picks it up as potential gossip for the magazine. Happu finds out through Teeka and friends that his picture of a hug with Rusa has been published from a scandalous angle in ‘Chalu Chikni Chachi’. Soon after, he receives a call from the commissioner who hurls curses and insults at him. After hanging up, Happu eyes the newspaper seller with suspicion.


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