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Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai 04 March 2022 Written Update: Vibhuti and Tiwari realise that they have no friends


March 9, 2022

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When they offer them one lakh fifty thousand rupees, Tiwari agrees to sell the ring to Vibhuti and David on the condition that Tiwari would be allowed to wear it once a week.

In the previous episode of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai, Tiwari shares with Saxena his worries over having been defrauded by Vibhuti and David. Angoori chimes in asks him about it. Upon learning the truth, Angoori angrily tells Tiwari that she would help Tiwari get back at Vibhuti. At the tea stall, Tiwari and Happu engage in conversation. Soon, Saxena arrives there in an effeminate disguise and Vibhuti arrives moments later. Saxena proposes a business deal to Tiwari and hands him a cheque worth fifty lakh in advance, as Vibhuti looks on greedily. Misfortune strikes Teeka and friends again as Happu alleges them of getting involved in criminal activities. They blame their sapphire ring. While tidying up his house, Vibhuti daydreams about dancing with Angoori unaware that he is dancing with David instead. As realization dawns on him, he hurriedly steps away and gags. Soon after, Angoori arrives and invites them over for a meal. When they come over to Tiwari’s house, Tiwari and Angoori tell them that fortune has befallen them ever since they got the sapphire ring from Vibhuti. To convince them of their act further, Saxena arrives in a rich Arab’s disguise and proposes a seemingly profitable business deal. Later, Vibhuti and David decide to get the ring back from Tiwari. Meanwhile, Saxena and Tiwari wait for their act to reap results.

In the latest episode of Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai, Vibhuti arrives at Angoori’s window and asks her for the sapphire ring in alms. She refuses but Vibhuti offers to pay. Angoori tells him that she will speak to Tiwari about it. She relays the conversation to Tiwari and Saxena and they decide to further their ploy. At the tea stall, Teeka and friends tell Prem Chopra, and Dr. Gupta about the misfortune that has befallen them ever since they got their hands on the sapphire ring. As they discuss having duped Masterji, they find him standing nearby, ready to thrash them. At Tiwari’s house, Vibhuti and David ask Tiwari to sell them the ring. Angoori feigns reluctance and Vibhuti starts begging them for it. When they offer them one lakh fifty thousand rupees, Tiwari agrees to sell it to them on the condition that Tiwari would be allowed to wear it once a week. As he steps out of the house, Saxena drops a flower pot on Vibhuti and Tiwari tells Vibhuti and David about his ploy. Vibhuti throws away the ring. At the tea stall, as Vibhuti and Tiwari discuss a movie about friendship, everyone tries to establish the supremacy of their respective friendships. They all mock Tiwari for not having a fast friend. He heads home and discusses his friend with Angoori, who tells him about his flirtatious advances towards her. Tiwari scorns at him but shares his wish to have a best friend. At the tea stall, Prem Chopra’s indifference towards him leaves Vibhuti delving in betrayal. Later, Vibhuti and Tiwari drink together and vent to each other about a lack of good friends in their lives. Saxena chimes in and makes them realise that they are in fact each other’s best friends. But their momentary affection for each other shatters as Teeka and friends make them realize that they always insult each other behind their backs, and they quarrel.


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