Best of 2020: Web Shows That Had Some Of The Best Costumes This Year

Dark 7 White, Paurashpur, Naxalbari, Rangbaaz Phirse, Black Widows, these series in 2020 had an interesting plot with just as interesting costumes.

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December 22, 2020


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9Most of the time, movies and shows cater to a specific theme and keep revolving around the same. Makers invest a lot of time in factors like screen tones, background music, and costumes of the characters that help them in keeping their audiences hooked to their show. It’s essential to have a healthy blend of the art department that syncs in well with the show’s storyline. While not every show is able to nail this combination, some like Paurashpur and Dark 7 White are able to strike a perfect balance. On that note, let’s name the shows that had some amazing costumes that gelled in well with the storyline. 

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Dark 7 White

The show is about a college rowdy turned chief minister, who gets murdered. The suspects are seven of his best friends, and a fearless cop is investigating the case. The best costumes we see, are of the lead character, Yudhveer Singh Rathore (Sumeet Vyas). In the parts when we see him as the college rowdy, his attire shows us that he is a spoiled rich fellow who doesn’t give a damn about anything. When he goes on to become the chief minister, in some of those scenes, we see him donning attires that look rich, confident and powerful. 

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Black Widows

The show is about three women retaliating against their abusive husbands and killing them. Many parts of this show have costumes that reflect the situation. For instance, the addition of glares or goggles in the scenes that demanded them to be confident and fearless. Also, the costumes of Raima Sen, shown to be an evil businesswoman, reflect pure power and authority. And when Sharad Kelkar’s character is revealed to be alive, his hoodies convey a message that he has many secrets to reveal. 

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Rangbaaz Phirse

Based on the true story of a gangster, Rangbaaz Phirse narrates the story of Amarpal Singh, who was a top student in his institute but the dirty politics of his state ruined his life. Jimmy Sheirgill, who plays the lead role, goes through a slow but steady transformation from a distraught student to a ganglord. Starting with his formal attire in his study days, his costumes become more like that of a common man – to show that despite being a gangster, his roots are somewhere humane and that circumstances forced him to be a brutal criminal. After the death of his closest aide, he dons a full gangster attire – a leather jacket and a cowboy hat, that showed that he is going inside a dark tunnel with no light.

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Since the series is based on a Naxal uprising in the village Gadchiroli, the characters playing the Naxalites have the perfect costumes. Their outfits gradually begin to get dirty, showing their daily dwelling in the forests. The costumes of the cops also reflect how they are gradually seeping deep into the case. The pressure they have is also reflected in their attires.

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The Casino

The series, starring Karanvir Bohra in the lead role, revolves around the heir of a billion-dollar casino. What unfolds in the plot, are a lot of manipulations, ploys, and a lot of drama. The costumes of the main characters all reflect the wealth that they can carelessly put in in that casino. Also, the lead actress, Mandana Karimi, who aims to manipulate the owner can be seen donning the costumes that make her stand out as the one with mental power above all else.

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This one is a show about mothers, who struggle through their children’s growing-up years. Karishma Kapoor plays the lead role, with Shruti Sheth, Shilpa Shukla, Sandhya Mridul, Tillotama Shome, and Dino Morea. We notice the characters’ attires throughout the series and they seem relevant. From attending their children’s PTMs in school to handling their tantrums, their costumes reflect their moods and the situations on screen.

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It Happened In Calcutta

A love story, set in the 1960’s Calcutta, this series stars Karan Kundra and Naghma Rizwan in the lead roles. They are a couple who go through the challenges of that time to be together. The costumes of the actors are perfectly set to portray the decade of the 60s. The characters are shown spending time in college, and then get involved in a war. Costumes played a very good part in depicting those stages.

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Being a historic drama, this has got to have the best costumes that relate to its story – and it does. The costumes of the king, the queens, the knights, all display the strength and wealth of the kingdom in medieval India. When it comes to Milind Soman, who plays the character of Boris, a third gender, the donning of his costumes makes the audience believe that Soman has travelled to that age and is really living his character.

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