Best of 2020: Sa Re Ga Ma Pa- Next Singing Icon host Pradeep Machiraju was the funniest man of this rather unfunny year

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa- Next Singing Icon host Pradeep knew how to tickle our funny bones even in a year like 2020 when almost everything went wrong!

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December 31, 2020


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Everything about 2020 was unexpected and things hardly went as we expected them to. Amongst all this, we still had Pradeep to tickle our funny bones and get us through this rather peculiar year. Although 2020 wasn’t a funny year, host Pradeep Machiraju from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa – Next Singing Icon  made it bearable with his unmatched humour.

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1) When he jokes about joining Ramachari’s classes

When Deepu and Prithvi confess falling in love at their guru Ramachari’s class, singer and judge SP Sailaja says that Revanth should attend these classes and take Pradeep with him to see what’s going on. This is when Pradeep chimes in and tells them that this is what he has always wanted too. His spontaneous and candid reply left us all in splits.

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2)  When he accepts Master Koti’s ‘I hate you’ instead of praises

The judges tell Pradeep that they want to say a few good words about him and this elates Pradeep. When he lets S.P. Sailaja go first out of courtesy, lyricist and judge Bose pretends to be hurt and walks off the stage, followed by S.P. Sailaja. When Pradeep asks Master Koti to praise him, Koti says ‘I hate you’ and Pradeep says that he’ll even take that as a compliment!
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3) Pradee’s ‘dream girl’ vs Sreemukhi

Pradeep asks a few artists to paint up the image of his dream girl and they come up with a rather odd image. Later when Sreemukhi joins the show, he says that the image is Sreemukhi’s and doesn’t resemble his dream girl. This was extremely unexpected which makes it all the more hilarious!

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4) When he requests Master Koti’s family to give him ‘Idlis’

Apparently, our beloved judge Koti is a fan of idlis and loves having them, but when he gave a contestant a few marks less, his wife gave him two fewer idlis than he should have gotten. He added that his son took away his gold chain because he did not give someone the ‘Golden Chair’. Pradeep requested Koti’s wife to give him the two extra idlis  while also asking the chain to be returned.

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5)  When he pulls Revanth’s leg in the mentors’ special episode

After Revanth sings ‘Telisiney’ for the Mentor’s special episode, Pradeep says that he sang the song just like the original singer. What makes it really funny is that Revanth is the original singer. After Revanth gets emotional, to lighten up the mood, Pradeep says that he would call upon the singer’s wife and kids on the stage next, when in reality, Revanth is unmarried.

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