Best of 2020: Revisiting some of our favourite couple moments from Krishnakoli, Rani Rashmoni and more

Our favourite television couples gave us some of their best moments together to look back at this year, have a look!

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December 30, 2020



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Our favourite characters had a lot of challenges coming their way just as we all did in 2020. But they had their significant others right by their side and we are extremely glad about it. From the smallest moments of romance to the protective instincts for their partners, our favourite television characters stole the show and hearts as they gave us some of the best memories to look back on.

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Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay’s Karna and Radhika

When Shonali questioned Radhika’s character, Karna could not bear it. He was quick to put vermillion on Radhika’s forehead as a sign of his love and faith in her.

Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay
Source: ZEE5

Despite every bittersweet conflict they had, the couple’s love for each other remained intact. Not too long ago, they imagined reconciling with each other and it was the cutest thing to see how happy it would make them both.

Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay
Source: ZEE5

When Joy recently kidnapped Radhika to take his revenge on Karna and her, Karna went above and beyond to rescue his beloved wife.

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Krishnakoli’s Nikhil and Shyama

After Shyama returned after her first disappearance, the couple had troubles due to Maam’s presence. But Nikhil’s undying love and patience for Shyama to be comfortable with him again was purely adorable.

Source: ZEE5

Wanting Nikhil to live a stable and happy life with Maam, Shyama had once decided to depart from his life forever so he would move on with Maam. Her desire to let Nikhil have another chance at happiness was one of the most selfless things we saw this year.

Krishnakoli_22 Sep_ Written Update Source: ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

Even after 18 years of separation, Nikhil’s love for his wife stayed alive. To this day, the dull Nikhil awaits the return of his beloved wife and it is just too precious.

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Jamuna and Sangeet

Sangeet’s confidence in his wife, Jamuna, is one of the best parts of their love story. His unbeatable support as he stood by her side through every challenge that Kedar Ray threw Jamuna’s way was heartwarming to witness.

Jamuna Dhaki
Source: ZEE5

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Kamala and Raghob

When Raghob got shot, everyone had panicked. Later, when Raghob revived from his wounds it was beautiful to watch Kamala finally feel relieved.

Rani Rashmoni
Source: ZEE5

Once when Kamala was fast asleep on the floor, Raghob couldn’t bear the sight. He picked her up and laid her down on the bed so she would sleep in comfort and went to sleep elsewhere.

Rani Rashmoni
Source: ZEE5

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