Best of 2020: Nafisa from Shoot-out At Alair, Rithika from Comali and other female characters we couldn’t help but love

This year, Comali, Shoot-out At Alair and other shows and films showcased some exceptional female characters. Read on!

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December 31, 2020



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This year was extremely pivotal for the entertainment industry, which saw a remarkable change in how content is created. We had a few absolute gems that came out this year and we saw a few significant roles that changed how the characters for women were written. From Nafisa in Shoot-out At Alair to Janaki in Kalyana Vaibhogam, here are the women we loved in 2020.

1) Nandini Rai as Nafisa from Shoot-out At Alair

From the moment she came on screen, we were in awe of this beauty. She was also outspoken and asked for what she wanted fearlessly which is a quality we must all pick up from her. She was unabashed and told the man she loved about her feelings, without any hesitation. She was also vital in driving the story forward.

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2) Varsha HK as Anu from Prema Entha Madhuram

From taking charge of her finances and studying, to being compassionate to everyone around her, Anu can easily qualify as a role model to everyone around her. While students would rather enjoy their college, Anu takes it upon her to earn for herself and make a good career without taking a back seat and relaxing.

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3) Meghana Lokesh As Janaki/ Manga from Kalyana Vaibhogam 

Imagine losing your memory and finding out that you have two kids to raise, with nowhere to go. She does an incredible job of raising Abhi and Divya as a single mother with her own struggles and we’re so proud of her for pulling it off like a pro. She is the definition of a strong woman.

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4) Kajal As Rithika from Comali

It takes a strong woman to be objective and forgive someone for a mistake that they have committed and Rithika from Comali is someone exactly like that. She runs a museum and doesn’t mind being in a relationship with the security guard of that museum because it doesn’t matter to her.

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5) Gayatri Gupts as Selva Kumari from Shoot-out At Alair

Selva Kumari is a single mother who lost her husband to a shooting in Hyderabad. Imagine dealing with sorrows and responsibilities together and still managing it so beautifully! We totally think she’s a phenomenal person who tries to be happy through tough times too.

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6) Kirti as Bhanu from Rahu

Bhanu was not a conventional fighter but she had her own ways of dealing with dangers that resonated with everyone, despite her condition of hysterical blindness. We love her for dealing with what she did and coming out even stronger. She strives to be good at whatever she does in her own little ways.

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