Best of 2020: Most cherishable moments from Kalyana Vaibhogam, Prema Entha Maduram and more

From Jai and Abhi hugging to Arya meeting Anu late at night, here are few of the most heartfelt moments on television in 2020.

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December 28, 2020



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Although this year was a rather odd one, on more occasions than one, our favourite TV shows gave us a reason to smile with a few heartfelt moments. From Kalyana Vaibhogam to Prema Entha Maduram, here’s recalling all these moments from the television that melted hearts this year and made us smile a little more!

1)  Kalyana Vaibhogam: When Jai goes to the temple for Abhi

Jai does not believe in God or any form of worship, yet he promises to himself that if Abhi recovers, hewould indulge in offerings to the Lord. When it comes to Abhi, Jai he does not think twice before indulging in something he doesn’t believe in, if it means that Abhi would have a safe life. All of this is even more touching since they don’t know that they are father and son.

2) Prema Entha Maduram: When the priest assumes that Arya and Anu are married

When Anu and Arya visited the temple, the priest just assumed that they were husband and wife. We definitely cannot blame him because they just look that perfect for and with each other. The priest went on to do ‘Archana’ for the duo together, praying for God to bless them.

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3) Sa Re Ga Ma Pa- Next Singing Icon: Revanth and Saket’s friendship 

After Revanth mesmerised everyone with his performance for the mentor’s special episode, he shared the story of his friendship with Saketh. We’ve all known that the singer wasn’t affluent but what we didn’t know was that Saketh was with him through his struggles and even lent him clothes for his shows.

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4) Kalyana Vaibhogam: When Divya feeds Jai sweets

When Jai comes back victorious and unharmed after a long adventure, he is welcomed with grandeur. Amongst all the jazz, he sees Divya walk up to him with a simple laddoo because she wants him to have a sweet. He is overjoyed when he sees her wanting to feed him a sweet and he feeds her too, as any father would.

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5) Prema Entha Maduram: When Arya meets Anu before going to London

When Anu is not successful in meeting Arya before his trip to London, she becomes extremely sad. Arya then decides that it is impossible for him to go to London without meeting Anu and shows up at her place at night. This moment had everyone in tears and made us want to get them together!

Arya and Anu in Prema Entha Madhuram
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6) Sa Re Ga Ma Pa- Next Singing Icon: When Koti fakes eliminating Abhilash

Passing on the bad news, Koti told Abhilash that he was the weakest performer of the lot and had to be eliminated. After Abhilash gave a heartfelt speech about his fellow contestants and the show, his mentor was teary-eyed. Revealing the good news, music director and judge Koti thensaid that the good news is that there will be no eliminations and they were pulling Abhilash’s leg. We absolutely loved this prank!

Koti Master in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa The Next Singing Icon Ep. 8
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