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Best of 2020: A Look At Some ‘Whistle-Worthy’ Dialogues Of This Year

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December 17, 2020

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As the year is coming to an end, we would like to reminisce some of our favourite dialogues from ZEE5’s Originals.

As the year is coming to an end, we are recalling the best dialogues that we came across in our most favourite shows. From Lal Bazaar to Naxalbaari, actors like Jatin Sharma, Divyendu Sharma, and Paoli Dam owned the screens this year with their terrific dialogues. Let’s have a look at some of these best dialogues. 


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“Tum jaha soch bandh karte ho na waha se sochna shuru hota hai hamara“

Dibyendu Bhattacharya’s character, Abbas Gazi says this to his subordinate, inferring that he is no match for his superior thinking skills. 


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Jim(rohan): Mar jaata toh?

pulkit(sunny): Mara nahi?

When Pulkit Sharma (Sunny) beats up Abhimanyu Singh (Kulli), Jim Sarbh (Rohan) asks him the question and Sunny replies, “Mara nahi!”

RejctX Season 2

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“Pyaar gender dekh kar nahi, insaan dekh kar kiya jaata hai. Aur mere liye woh insaan ho tum.”

Sehmat Ali (Saadhika Syal) says this to Misha (Pooja Shetty) while proposing her love to her.

Bicchoo Ka Khel

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Kaun kambakht bachna chahata hai sir? Hum bachenge nahi sir… aapka system

khud aake hame bacha lega”

Akhil Shrivastav (Divyendu Sharma) says this to cop, Nikunj Tiwari (Zeeshan Qadri), while he is being questioned in the police station. He begins his dialogue by mimicking the famous dialogue from Devdas.


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“Main hoon na.”

“Aaj kal main thodi kum hoon”

Sara’s (Sarwat Gilani) says, “Aaj kal main thodi kum hoon,” when he suggests she doesn’t need to work since he’s taking care of her. 

Abhay 2

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“Media tumhe hero bata rahi hai. Aur local police ko bewakoof. Commissioner naraz hai, case transfer karna chahte hai”

“Unka ego bachchon se zyada important nai hai”

When Abhay (Kunal Khemu) is trying to solve a case involving the kidnapping of little children, the cop Lokendra Gupta (Mohan Kapur) tells him that the commissioner of police is upset with the progress. Abhay dismisses that statement, saying that the kids are more important than the commissioner’s ego.

Code M

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“Iss case ko dil se nahi, dimaag se handle karna”

This is the scene where Col. Suryaveer (Rajat Kapoor) is assigning a case to Maj. Monica (Jennifer Winget). This dialogue establishes the fact that the colonel knows that the major has a personal connection to the case, yet she has to be brave enough to solve it as an army officer.

Mum Bhai

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“Bahot dhyaan se sunn le. Jitne kapde utaar raha hai na yeh, inn sab ke jebon ka hisaab mere paas hai. Kal paise mein dhoka diya, toh kapde kharidne ke layak bhi nai bachega.”

Vaishnavi (Sandeepa Dhar) says this to Bhaskar (Angad), warning him to pay her the full money that he owes her. She establishes here that she has gained an upper hand in the situation.

Poison 2

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“Aankho mein aag, dil mein dard; isse ek hi cheez banti hai – zeher. Aur woh zeher sirf badla chaahta hai.”

Sikander (Rahul Dev) says this while he is sitting in his prison cell, explaining that the revenge born in a person, is born out of poison.

Dark 7 White

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“Har koi kuch na kuch foonk raha hai. Koi ganja, koi galatfehmi.”

The cop Abhimanyu Singh (Jatin Sharma), while investing the case of Yudhveer’s (Sumeet Vyas) death, says this, implying that people are either high on weed or on misunderstandings.


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“Jab g**nd phategi dhandhe ki, toh aankh khulegi andhe ki.”

One of the Naxalites in the show, says this in exhilaration and rage, establishing that their plans ahead are only destructive.

Binge these shows on ZEE5 to experience the grandeur of these dialogues again. That sounds like a fun way to bid adieu to 2020 while waiting for 2021!

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