Best of 2020: From Ka Pae Ranasingam To Mugilan, Tamil Films And Series That Made The Year Tolerable

From PUBGOA to Oh My Kadavule, a global pandemic didn’t stop 2020 from being a phenomenal entertaining year

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December 29, 2020


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While this year wasn’t what we expected it to be, there was still a lot to look forward to, during the course of 2020. A large part of this was the binge-worthy web series and immersive movies, which made our quarantines a little less boring. Looking back at these series and movies, here are some of the best stories told in 2020 that made the year a little less boring

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1) Ka Pae Ranasingam 

Ka Pae Ranasingam is a Tamil-language political drama which marks the directorial debut of P. Virumaandi. Ka Pae Ranasingam features stars like Vijay Sethupathi and Aishwarya Rajesh in lead roles. The story of a woman who lost her husband and fights to see him one last time is untold and unmissable so it should be watched at the earliest.

2)  LockUp

Starring Vaibhav Reddy, Venkat Prabhu, Easwari Rao, Poorna and Vani Bhojan in lead roles, the immersive cop drama revolves around the life of an honest cop Vasanth who is conflicted between his inner voice and what is expected from the outer world. While he does battle these inner demons, there are multiple killings in the city for which he is being framed.


3)  Oh My Kadavule

Oh My Kadavule, starring Ashok Selvan, Ritika Singh and Vani Bhojan in the lead roles, is an endearing film about love and friendship. It revolves around Arjun and Anu, who are childhood friends that get married only to realise that they are not meant to be happy together. While Anu likes Arjun, he gets married to her without having any romantic feelings for her or much thinking.


4) Kannamoochi

Kannamoochi stars Vivek Prasanna, Amzath Khan, Bose Venkat and Poorna, and revolves around Priya and her daughter Aishu who is speech-and hearing-impaired. When Aishu goes missing, her troubled mother launches a search to look for her daughter. During her mission, Priya uncovers a shocking revelation about an incident that occurred 20 years ago.


PUBGOA is a Sci-Fi crime thriller set in Goa that dwells on the drug culture of the state but is not limited to just that. The series also touches upon various subjects like augmented reality, drugs, terrorism and therefore the perception of the minority that’s not made very obvious, and is present within the subtleties of how they are treated.

6) Mugilan 

The series directed by Shri Ram Ram is an action-thriller that traverses between the 70’s and the present time, depicting the life of a gangster named Mugilan. The story of the series starts with a middle-aged underworld kingpin who lets his rage overpower love for his family during a weak moment. He murders bureaucrats in broad daylight, which forces him to escape the country.

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7) Taana 

Sakthi, the protagonist, is struck with a condition called Puberphonia, which essentially changes one’s voice into a more feminine and high pitched voice especially when they are overwhelmed with anger, sadness, excitement or nervousness. He also aspires to be a police officer but has to face too many hurdles before he does so.

8) Gypsy

Gypsy revolves around a boy named Gypsy, who lives a nomadic lifestyle. The film takes us on a journey of Gypsy, a wandering musician and Waheeda, a girl from an orthodox Muslim household and their love story. However, the communal riot affects the duo’s happy married life and separates Gypsy from his wife and son. Watch the film to see whether Gypsy is able to find his wife Waheeda and his kid.


The Jegan Rajashekhar directorial God Father’s every scene is encapsulating. The movie features the Enkitta Mothathe actor Natarajan Subrahmaniam AKA Natty who plays the middle-class loving father Aadhiyaaman. Malayalam reality shows Thamasha Bazaar host Ananya plays Mithra, a loving wife and mother.

10) MamaKiki 

From Preetha Anandan’s struggle to seek out a groom to Ramesh Thilak’s story about choosing to be a ‘writer’; the stories of every individual keep the drama engaging. Even the portrayal of Manas’ drug addiction and Dev’s funny experience from schooling days are worth watching in this film. Mamakiki has many little moments of humour that’s bound to cause you to laugh your guts out.


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