Ben Affleck as the bodyguard of Jennifer Lopez

How Ben Affleck protected Jennifer Lopez as unruly fans tried to come too close to the star.

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September 12, 2021


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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s arrival at Venice Airport turned out to be bumpy following with overzealous fans trying to get close to them. One of the fans who got too close to Jennifer Lopez with a camera, had to pushed away in time, by Ben Affleck.

The incident happened as both were walking out of the airport towards their car. Earlier, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck arrived together on the same flight at Venice airport. To show everything was ok Ben waved at the waiting crowds and signalled with a thumbs up.

The fan was only gently pushed away, however, later the security and the police intervened and restored order.

Ben Affleck 49 looking dashing with dark aviator glasses and navy blue denim lost no time in jumping between Jennifer Lopez and the fan.

The ‘Scary’ incident.

The scary incident happened at the Venice airport on Saturday, 11 September as they arrived to attend the Venice film festival. The fan may have tried to get close to Jennifer for a selfie or a closer picture of the celeb.

Reporters covering their celebs arrival heard Ben shouting, “Whoa Whoa Whoa” but did not let go of the hand of Jennifer Lopez. They were holding hands throughout their walk from the airport Foyer to the car.

With rumour mill on the full steam on their renewed Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck gave more fuel by going in for a lip lock on the quay of the water taxi as they left Italy. The pair were in town for the Venice Film Festival, where Ben attended the premiere of his film “The Last Duel”.  Reception of the Jennifer-Ben celeb pair was the loudest when they stepped out of the car. Ben Affleck appeared to take no chances after the incident at the airport earlier. He got down from the car first and looked around for any aggressive moves by anybody before ushering Jennifer Lopez onto the red carpet. The couple however, did not forget to wave lovingly at the crowd and to the Papparazzi.

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