Beirut Explosion: Israeli Seismological and Munitions Expert Makes Stunning Claim

According to Israeli expert, the huge explosion was preceded by 6 small blasts and the last was a combustion of fireworks.

Neel Raju Nalawade

August 14, 2020

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Ten days after a massive explosion hit Beirut, the Lebanese capital, an Israeli Seismological and Munitions expert has said that a series of 6 small blasts preceded the major blast. According to him, the huge explosion was preceded by 6 small blasts, the last of which was a combustion of fireworks that is said to have set off the entire warehouse with chemicals and fire. Each of these 6 blasts was spaced at least 11 seconds apart. The Israeli expert, however, failed to point out the exact reason behind the blasts.

The Lebanese Government refused to comment on the Israeli expert’s claim. According to sources, the FBI will join the international investigators to probe blast. The blast killed around 172 people and injured a large number of people. Several world leaders have assured assistance to help Beirut bounce back.

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