Beirut Explosion: 21 People Still Missing A Week After Tragedy

Families of those missing are blaming Lebanese government’s lack of efforts.

Sohil Nikam

August 11, 2020

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A week after the massive explosion crippled Beirut, 21 people from the city are still missing. The authorities have so far reported more than 163 deaths, but the families of those missing are still hopeful that their kin will show up. The discontent against the government among the country’s population is at an all-time high and it’s hence no surprise that the entire government has decided to resign amidst the row. However, for the families of those missing, this absolutely does no good.

Among those missing in Beirut is Ghassan Hasrouty, an employee of the city’s giant grain silos for 38 years. Ghassan’s daughter, Tatiana Hasrouty, said, “I believe that he will come back. That he is waiting for us. My father is superb. I love him so much.” His son, Elie Hasrouty, added, “When I found out the news and they told me that he was still at the port, I had faith that he survived the explosion. When going to work during the war and shelling, he used to always say that the safest place to be were the silos. He used to say that he was more afraid for us than for himself because at the silos nothing could shake them.”

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