Beirut Blast Could Be Major Conspiracy, Claims Saudi Newspaper

Hezbollah militant group could be responsible for the twin blasts.

Sohil Nikam

August 7, 2020

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The twin blasts that rocked the city of Beirut in Lebanon have been ruled an accident, but a new report is pointing out that it could very well be a cover-up. A conspiracy theory floating around is that militant group Hezbollah could be responsible for these blasts that took at least 150 lives and left more than 3 lakh people homeless. These claims have apparently been made by Saudi Arabian newspaper, Okaz.

The first blast that hit Beirut was due to a fire in a fireworks storage area in the port. The fire then quickly reached a cache of ammonium nitrate that was stored nearby. There was 2,750-tonne of this substance present in the vicinity, which led to the massive scale of the blast. Such was the impact of the explosion that it was felt even in northern Israel and Cyprus, 240 kilometres away. So far, 154 people have been declared dead and 80 are missing.

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