Behind The Scenes Of The Successful Operation Nagrota

A well-prepared team of the army, CRPF and local police, who were already alerted by the intelligence about the terrorists travelling on that route were deployed at the Ban toll plaza

Raghav N

November 20, 2020

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Early morning on Thursday, Indian security forces killed four Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists in an encounter in Nagrota, when the latter were trying to escape towards Kashmir from Jammu. Sources believe that the Pakistani perpetrators were in the region to carry out a large-scale terror operation, possibly during the upcoming district elections in J&K.  However, they were unsuccessful in their attempt, owing to the swift action by India’s intelligence and security agencies.

Chilling footage has emerged of the faceoff between the militants and our defence personnel. According to the union territory’s authorities, intelligence had passed information to the police about the presence of the intruders in the Hiranagar region, who were heading in a truck on the highway.

At 3.45 am in the morning, the vehicle was allowed to pass the Samba and Siwar Thandipur district toll. Meanwhile, a well-prepared team of the army, Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and the local police had already stationed themselves at the Nagrota area’s Ban toll plaza.

When the truck reached this spot, the driver was pulled out for questioning. He immediately fled, leaving the four Jihadists stranded. Despite the culprits firing at the Indian soldiers deployed at the location, several chances were given to the Pakistani men to surrender unharmed. Director General of Police Dilbagh Singh was also present at the nearby control room. After multiple appeals, the forces finally resorted to blasting the truck, that eventually went up in flames along with the infiltrators.

11 AK-47 Rifles, 3 pistols, food and medicines were recovered after the crossfire.

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