Bebaakee Trailer Review: Sufiyaan – Kainaat And Imtiaz’s Love Triangle Intensifies

Imtiaz and Sufiyaan have similar tastes but their affection towards the same girl, Kainaat, is surely going to brew some trouble.

Ankita Tiwari

October 7, 2020


Web Series Review

2 min


An absolutely thrilling romantic saga, Kushal Tandon’s Bebaakee season 2 is here! The Alt Balaji and ZEE5 Original series is a whirlwind tale of passion, desire, and heartbreaks. Shiv Jyoti Rajput and Karan Jotwani are brilliant performers and the star of the series, Kushal Tandon, has surely become the official ‘crush of the year’. Bebaakee season 1 had 10 episodes that explored the start of a romance between Sufiyaan and Kainaat while also hinting at a soulful friendship of Imtiaz. A heartwarming romance in the heart of Himalayas surely gave each of us a mini craving for the same. And now, these new episodes will reclaim the spot in our hearts.

Watch the trailer of the show here.

The trailer, that was released today, gives us a sneak peek into what is to come. Sufiyaan and Kainaat finally give in to the mutual desire that they feel for each other. Kainaat’s touch has made our playboy Abdullah turn into a lovesick Romeo and everyone witnesses it. But just as Sufiyaan and Kainaat forget about the world in their state of love, Imtiaz drops in with a one-sided endearment towards Kainaat.

Sufiyaan’s trust issues tear him apart from Kainaat as she gets closer to Imtiaz and the love triangle intensifies. The background score and the foothills of the mighty mountains provide a touch of grandeur, alluring us into the tale of anguish, intimacy, and pure and true love! Are you ready to unleash the romance-fanatic in you? Stream new episodes of Bebaakee, starting 12th October, only with the ZEE5 Club Pack!

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