Bebaakee Episode 11-15 Review: Who Has The Vendetta To Stand These Innocent Lovers Against Each Other?

Sufiyaan-Kaiynaat and Imtiaz’s love triangle is after all a fraud planned against all of them. Who could be the mastermind?

Ankita Tiwari

October 14, 2020



2 min


Kushal Tandon and Shiv Jyoti Rajput’s Bebaakee is a head-spinning tale of romance drama. The first ten episodes of the series were launched a few days and are streaming on ZEE5. The latest addition to the series of episodes 11 -15 is all about more love and drama. But this time there is action, family feud, accidents, and more! The previous episode finale showed a perfect winter ball in which Kaiynaat chose Imtiaz to be her partner! But Sufiyaan Abdullah is a jealous and possessive lover who can do anything for the love of his life and this is proven by these episodes!

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Sufiyaan and Kaiynaat may not be on very good terms but this does not make the former a rigid soul when it comes to helping her ladylove’s family in a crisis situation. Sufiyaan helps Kaiynaat and wins her heart but somehow, someone is messing the story and hiding behind the charade.

Sufiyaan and Imtiaz’s friendship is targeted and Kaiynaat is used as a pawn, but who is the person creating this conflict and what would they get out of the Abdullah and Alqaazi bad blood? Imtiaz falls in love with Kaiynaat and starts another one-sided romance!

On the other hand, Kaiynaat changes Sufiyaan’s entire world! The dreamy romance shown in the series is right out of a novel. The show is completed with a series of romantic sequences in which the knight in shining armour proves his love for the damsel in distress.

The show has beautiful new songs like ‘Nabi ka martaba’ that would make your heart swoon to the sufi tunes. It is a lovely melody that one can keep hearing on repeat. The classic background, palatial homes and the landscapes sure give us a major FOMO!

If you have not watched the series yet, then stream it on ZEE5 right away!

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