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Bebaakee: Decoding Various Shades Of Shiv Jyoti Rajput’s Character ‘Kaiynaat’ On The Show

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December 17, 2020

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While Kushal Tandon’s Sufiyaan has our attention, Shiv Jyoti Rajput’s Kaiynaat is equally admirable. Throughout the first season of Bebaakee, she has managed to steal our hearts with her interesting character graph and acting proficiency.

Essaying the complex modern age romance, ZEE5’s Bebaakee has been a perfect blend of an engaging storyline and relatable characters. And the best part is that we see a variety of shades in every character of the show. With hunky and chiselled characters like Sufiyaan and Imtiaz, there’s also a charming Kaiynaat whose ‘Bebaak’ (presumptuous) persona drives this thriller. 

Throughout the story, we have seen Sufi’s character evolved from being a hero to someone with shades of grey. Imtiaz grows as a mature personality and Kaiynaat’s bold and fearless take on her romance grabs our attention further. She is not perfect by anyone’s standards but has a class of her own. While dealing with her complicated relationships, she is also a motherly figure to her sisters and these different shades in her character make us fall in love with her even more. 

Romance and Self-Worth

A still from Bebaakee
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Even after she parts ways with Sufiyaan, she never lets her love for him die. Even when he gets all abusive towards her, she maintains her dignity and understands that his ‘verbal violence’ is only a part of his behaviour. This proves her maturity.

Kaiynaat’s ‘Bebaak’ side comes alive after she witnesses Sufi’s lack of trust. She stands firmly, realising her self-worth. While dealing with her feelings for Sufiyaan, she understands Imtiaz and his feelings for her. This proves she’s a realist!

Redefining Love

A still from Bebaakee
Source: Zee5

Naturally, we tend to sympathize with Sufiyaan’s character whose disputed love for Kaiynaat leads him on a path of self-destruction. However, that’s quite a stereotypical version of love and that’s what Kainaat proves at the end. Her love for Sufiyaan was unquestionable, she cared for him even when he accused her of wrong things. She has always been the girl who loves with all her heart and when Imtiaz reveals his feelings for her, she’s willing to give him a chance. 

Sufi tried very hard to create problems in their life but Kaiynaat’s fearless avatar acted as a hurdle for all his attempts. Though by the climax of the first season, Kaiynaat ended up losing it all, we believe her character arc will become more interesting in the second season.

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