Beautiful Mansugalu, Love Guru: 5 Romantic Films That All Couples Stuck In Lockdown Can Enjoy

Wake the romantic in you as we give you a list of love stories for you to watch with your partner!


July 12, 2020


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It’s a hard time for everybody. With the ongoing lockdown and constant influx of negative news, one can get affected. But there’s nothing like a nice romantic movie to make you feel warm and fuzzy again eh? Here’s a list of five mushy films that all couples can enjoy during the lockdown and escape reality for a few hours!

Beautiful Mansugalu 

Sruthi Hariharan And Sathish Ninasam In A Still From Beautiful Mansugalu
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An intense and sensational love story, Beautiful Mansugalu is a romantic thriller with Sathish Ninasam and Sruthi Hariharan as its stars. It is inspired by true events where the story revolves around two lovers Prashanth and Nandini, who are caught in the midst of a media-driven society. When Nandini is accused of being involved in a sort of scam, Prashanth is misled to think of her in a negative light. Well, this story will keep you at the edge of your seats to see if these two will come back together amidst all the chaos.

Love Guru

Love Guru
Love Guru

The story of this film focuses on Kushi (Radhika Pandit), Pratham (Tarun) and Sharan, who attend a job interview, where all the three are hired. This romantic comedy is an absolute entertainer, with its complicated love triangle between the three friends in an office setup. Love Guru is directed by Prashant Raj, and his portrayal of Kushi’s character will melt your hearts!

Mr. And Mrs. Ramchari

A romantic comedy, Mr. And Mrs. Ramchari is the perfect film to watch if a light-hearted one is what you’re looking for. Yash plays a short-tempered character who initially has a repelling vibe to him as the film progresses. Yet, the actor manages to connect with the audience who eventually feel empathetic towards his struggle with his lover. What makes this movie special is the fact that his lover is played by Radhika Pandit who the actor is married to in real life!

Dana Kayonu 

Dana Kayonu, which released in 2016, is a romantic comedy, starring two of the best performers in the industry- Duniya and Priyamani. The Yograj Bhat directorial did exceedingly well at the box office. Along with their power-packed performances, what also stood out in this film were the tracks Paper Leak and Paisa Illade.

3 Gante 30 Dina 30 Second

3 Gante, 30 Dina, 30 Second Is A Reality Check On Love — Here’s How. (2)

Directed by G K Madhusudhan, 3 Gante 30 Dina 30 Second revolves around Avinash (Aru Gowda) who is a young lawyer trying to solve cases in a street-smart fashion. During one such case, he encounters Sharmila (Kavya Shetty), a newsreader. He then challenges her to fall in love with him within 30 days. Well, without spoiling much for you, we suggest you start watching the film right away!

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