Be Ready To Watch The Most Liberated Show Of The Year With Churails!

Feel the fresh air of authentic storytelling, and stellar acting, here comes Churails, a liberal show on ZEE5.


July 31, 2020


2 min


Written and directed by renowned independent filmmaker Asim Abbasi, Churails is sure to catch a few eyeballs with its progressive outlook on women’s identity in society and the bias faced by many in the hands of the powerful. The story centres around four women who are poles apart but come together for a single cause. These are Sara, Jugnu, Zubaida and Batool.

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Sara is a “trophy wife.” She was a criminal lawyer who quit her career to get married and take care of her politician husband and their three kids. Her life falls apart when she discovers her husband’s multiple infidelities and realizes how she has changed from a strong independent woman to a housewife. This embarks her on the journey of becoming a Churail.

Jugnu was a renowned wedding/event planner who’s now in a loss after her business fails due to new competition. Her father’s imprisonment and a failed marriage pushes her further into darkness and she finds refuge in alcohol. Becoming a Churail was what she needed to survive and that’s what she did. 

Zubaida is the youngest of the four, but also the toughest as she’s an aspiring boxer. Coming from an orthodox, lower-income background, she doesn’t let anyone come in the way of her dreams, although she still hasn’t found a way to share them with her family yet. Her strength is shown when she comes forward to be a Churail, unleash the truth and help those who are oppressed, even at the risk of her own life.

Batool is a foul-mouthed, poker-faced convict who was imprisoned for 20 years for the murder of her husband. She’s the boldest of the four, a result of her traumatic past, and isn’t afraid to go against the world to find the truth by any means necessary, making her a true Churail.

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