Barsaat Song Out: Arman Malik’s New Single Wins Hearts Of Millions; Receives More Than Million Views In Less Than 4 Hours

Arman Malik Barsaat Song Out, Arman’s new single wins the hearts of millions, his music video gained more than 1 million views in less than 4 hours on Thursday evening


September 23, 2021


3 min


India’s chocolate boy Armaan Malik has again managed to pull the heartstrings of many as he released his new single ‘Barsaat’ on Thursday evening. This song has crossed over 92,000 views within less than 3 hours where netizens loved seeing the singer himself in that particular song. The singer told his fans that, ‘Barsaat talks about a feeling between a couple where: “not everything is right, not everything is wrong, sometimes it’s just in between and you’re like how long will it go on. Everything is not black and white, things are grey as well. The lyrics and the rain are symbolic of these exact emotions – of confusions that individuals often go through while facing challenging situations in a relationship”.

He further added, “On a work front, this has been my first time collaborating with my dad (Daboo Malik) and Amaal on the same project. It was a great time and experience to watch them & learn from them while singing to their direction, it has truly been amazing and mainly, for this reason, this project will always be extremely close to my heart”.

The second his music video was launched, a number of fans and viewers started commenting. One of the users said, ”Arman is a great singer and actor as well and the way he expressed his emotions in this song…..uffff”, while the other one commented ”this scene gave me literal goosebumps! What a phenomenal performance by Arman Malik, I just love you”.

Armaan, who is also the son of Daboo Malik and the brother of music composer Amaal Malik is known for his singing in multiple languages including English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada and even Urdu. The star was previously represented by Universal Music India and is now signed on by a music company as well.

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