Bapu: Meet the dancing cop in Bharatnagar!

ZEE5 is all set to launch a new animated kids’ show, titled Bapu, inspired by the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and his simple philosophies of life.


October 4, 2020


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Ever since the entire nation has been put under strict lockdown, we now have more time in hand to catch up on some amazing upcoming series that we can binge-watch on the OTT platforms available to us. But with schools and nurseries being closed, it becomes a challenge for the parents to keep their children entertained while keeping themselves engaged and stress-free during this lockdown.

Watch the promo of what ZEE5 Kids entails here:

So, to keep yourself and your little ones occupied, ZEE5 has introduced a separate section ZEE5 Kids on the streaming platform, where you will find exclusive child-friendly content for your kids, that will not only entertain but also educate them. While ZEE5 already offers all genres of child-friendly content ranging from action, adventure, sci-fi, drama, comedy, mythological, inspirational to superhero and fantasy, now it is all set to launch a new animated kids’ show, Bapu.

Talking about the new kids’ animation series, Bapu is inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and his simple philosophies of life. This inspirational story will not only take your kid on a laughter ride but also teach them moral values and help develop their critical thinking abilities. So, add this one (Bapu) to lockdown watchlist and entertain your little ones while you educate, inspire, and instil values in them.

Bapu Dancing Cop
Source: ZEE5

While recently, we introduced you to the land of Bharatnagar, today, let’s meet one of the many characters – the dancing cop. The dancing cop is a traffic police. If you are wondering why is he called a dancing cop, then let me introduce you to this huge Michael Jackson fan. He loves to dance so much so that he often breaks into a gig during his duty time. He has portable speakers handy, which straps onto his belt.

Well, he is not only passionate about dancing but is also a singing enthusiast and he uses a collar mic for the same. While he creates music and grooves to his own tunes, the dancing cop, who has red and green gloves, uses them to signal the traffic. So, how do you find this character? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

In the meanwhile, enjoy these amazing animation films with them on ZEE5.

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