Bapu: Meet the characters of the new animation show on ZEE5 Kids!

Meet the interesting characters of the new ZEE5 Kids’ show Bapu here! Don’t miss it!

Tom Francis

October 1, 2020


2 min


ZEE5 Kids is all set to entertain your little ones at home with an entirely new show to teach them the values and morals propagated by Mahatma Gandhi. Bapu, as the name of the show, suggests is an ideal way for your kids to learn the many teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. Now you don’t have to bother about the kind of content your child is consuming as Bapu will act as a guide for them to learn what’s right or wrong. With vivid colours and fun animations, Bapu and friends are ready to take your little ones on an adventure like never before!

Missed out on the trailer for the new ZEE5 Kids‘ show Bapu? Watch it here:

So, are you guys ready to follow Bapu and friends on their next adventure for fun and knowledge? Before that, let’s get to know some of Bapu‘s most interesting companions and friends on the show. Here are some of our favourite characters from Bapu, who are surely going to be your favourites soon!

Who is your favourite character from Bapu? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!

Don’t forget to watch Bapu and his incredible tales of living a meaningful life on ZEE5.

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