Bapu Review: Entertaining and inspiring, the ZEE5 Kids’ latest show is your child’s new best friend!

ZEE5’s latest show tailored for kids, Bapu is more than just entertainment! Take a look!

Sneha Bale

September 28, 2020


3 min


Say hello to ZEE5 Kids’ latest show – Bapu. There couldn’t have been a better way and time for the kids of this generation to learn about values and morals. Created by India’s leading animation studio, Cosmos Maya, the show is inspired by the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi. So if you’re the kind of parent who is worried about what your children consume during their screen time, we can assure you this show is a perfect choice.

Watch the trailer of Bapu here:

In a world that’s getting complicated by the day, Bapu brings a freshness. Bright colours, amazing caricatures, conversational language are just some of the many aspects that kids will grasp while watching Bapu. The animation and graphics are simple, yet effective and so are the stories. After all, it’s the story that makes a show stand or fall, irrespective of other aspects. Another thing – while your kids enjoy watching the show with its easy and uncomplicated stories, you as parents will be taken back to your childhood!

Bapu and the people of Bharat Nagar
Bapu and the people of Bharat Nagar (Source: ZEE5)

The show is divided into several episodes of about 10-12 minutes each – perfect for watching during meals or before nap time! In each episode, the citizens of Bharat Nagar – where Bapu lives in the show, sense a problem and decide to seek help from the wise man! But, the show is not about problem-solving. It is all about learning morals from the lessons it teaches. The topics aren’t only about societal issues, but matters like obesity, healthy eating, exercising are addressed along with the importance of honesty, faithfulness, and loyalty! So no matter which episode your child lands on – they’re sure to learn something valuable! So what are you waiting for? Tune in to the show!

Watch Bapu and his incredible tales of living a meaningful life on ZEE5. Until then, check out the amazing show Science with Brain Cafe here.

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