Bapu: Bharat Nagar’s hero weaves good lessons in his stories on ZEE5 Kids!

Today, let’s meet the man who keeps Bharat Nagar safe and wise, with his interesting anecdotes and stories – meet Bapu!

Sneha Bale

October 3, 2020


2 min


Keeping kids at home, through the lockdown, has been a task for the parents. Like entertainment on TV and online kept us sane, it also plays a huge role in keeping them indoors. While surfing channels and videos could potentially land them on unwanted content, ZEE5 Kids is an easy way to ensure their safety.  After a summer full of fun films and series, ZEE5 brings Bapu, a brand new show for kids.

Watch the trailer of Bapu here:

Bapu is the fictional story set in a fictional town called Bharat Nagar. Bapu is a wise old man who dons a cotton dhoti and a scarf. He uses round-framed spectacles to keep his vision clear along with a walking stick to help him navigate with ease. Bapu often makes his way to places where conflict has taken place, to solve it and restore peace. The good folks of Bharat Nagar look up to Bapu as the man who can take care of them all. Bapu loves the kids in Bharat Nagar, and they, too, look up to him with respect and affection.

Bapu with his friends (Source: ZEE5)
Bapu with his friends (Source: ZEE5)

While Bapu often hangs out in the company of Suraj, Tara and their friends, Bapu’s closest companions are Suna, Dekha and Bola. They are wise monkeys who never leave Bapu’s side. In fact, Bapu finds a way to teach a lesson or two about living a righteous life, with their help. Bapu takes much inspiration from the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi, who taught us similar values. We’re sure, neither you nor your kids will be bored enjoying this min-series.

Are you ready to take a trip to Bharat Nagar with your kids? For now, enjoy these amazing animation films with them on ZEE5.

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