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Bang Baang: Why Meera Is The Perfect ‘Ying’ To Raghu’s ‘Yang’ #OppositesAttract

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January 8, 2021

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Meera is headstrong and focused whereas Raghu is a fun guy. Will they go well together in ‘Bang Baang’?

The makers released the official trailer for the new web series, ‘Bang Baang’ on 7th January. The trailer shows us exactly what to expect. The series is about two murder cases that have occurred in a Royal family, and the prime suspect happens to be the male lead of the show, Raghu. With his suave and easy-going attitude, he is charming right from the beginning. But all directions of the case point to him, too. So who is he, really? And what is his connection to this case? We don’t know but Meera does.

Meera is a police officer who is involved in the investigation of this murder case. But she looks like she has been involved with Raghu, too. Her connection to Raghu is probably why she seems to not believe that Raghu could be behind the crimes.

Raghu is played by Faisal Sheikh, who makes his entry into the world of web series with this show. He is a famous Tiktoker, YouTuber and Instagram influencer. Ruhi Singh plays the role of Meera. She is a former Miss India title winner and also an influencer. She was previously seen in Calendar Girls.

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The two main leads are quite interesting and categorically opposite. Raghu has a very obvious chill vibe to him. We wonder what he really cares about in the world. But Meera, she is serious about her job, she looks determined and motivated to find the culprit. She also seems to have a glamourous avatar when she indulges in her vanity and looks like a total queen. This fun and serious is a great equation and we suspect that in the series, this could create some serious chemistry between them!

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Deep in her heart, Meera doesn’t believe that Raghu is the murderer, meanwhile, Raghu doesn’t seem to think that Meera would trust him. Meera seems to be more trusting than she lets on, and Raghu seems to be less trusting than his fun nature shows.

During action sequences too, Meera is focused and more rigid, whereas Raghu is more dashing and chilled out. This evens it out and creates interesting action scenes with a touch of humour in them.  These action scenes showcase their trust in each other and the way their balance it, is just perfect. To have such great movements during an intense shootout does call for some great teamwork, and Raghu and Meera together form that great unit!

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Will this chemistry be enough to solve the crimes in the Udaipur Royal family? Watch Bang Baang on ZEE5 on 25th January to find out.



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