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Bang Baang: Meet The Cast Of This Action-Thriller Series!

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January 22, 2021

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Bang Baang releases on January 25 and while we wait for its release, let’s have a look at all the key characters of this show.

The latest web series by ZEE5, Bang Baang features some really hot and happening youngsters and has been creating a lot of buzz. The series revolves around a murder that has taken place in the royal family. Meera (Ruhi Singh) the female lead is a sub-inspector and is asked to handle this case. She is also the fiancee of the Prince of Udaipur, Rohan. Meera begins investigation as Raghu (Faisal Shaikh), the male lead, receives a weird text message from an anonymous number about the same case and leaves for Udaipur. As the investigation proceeds, many things point to Raghu as the prime suspect. But Meera knows Raghu back from their police academy days and believes someone is trying to frame him. While this is the overall plot we want you to know a little bit more about its characters.



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Ruhi Singh plays the role of this badass cop. Meera is strong and athletic and can be glamourous as well. She is an extremely determined and hardworking person and she puts all of her abilities into her job. She might be a rookie, but she takes her job very seriously and wants to do her work well. She rides bikes and looks hot as hell in bikinis. She doesn’t trust Raghu but she also cannot believe that he is the murderer.

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She joined the police academy after writing the IPS exam and she fell in love with Raghu. She was his girlfriend and later due to some issues, they part ways. Now she is engaged to Rohan and is asked to determined to solve the murder case.

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Raghu is an undercover cop. He has a great physique and loves his dark, silky hair a lot. He is affable and eccentric. He can be really smooth when he flirts and extremely funny too. he is totally unpredictable and that makes him really attractive. He’s got the bad boy charm but with a very likeable personality. He comes from a rich family, but he rebelled against his father to join the police academy, where he met and loved Meera. Some incidents tore them apart and also kicked Raghu out of the academy.

Now Raghu is a guy who lives on the streets and slips into many gangs. He rides bikes, takes fights and lives with his girlfriend Julia, who is the owner of an underground boxing ring. Julia chides him for not being committed, but Raghu pays no heed to her. He doesn’t care about anyone in this world but has a niece and he adores her.


Rohan is the son of Prithviraj Dilaik, King of a small place in Udaipur. He is a royal prince and his world is filled with rich people, expensive wine, brunches and palaces. He is engaged to Meera. Raghu is very confused about their relationship as he never expected Meera to go for someone like Rohan.


Julia is Raghu’s live-in girlfriend who has been with him for a while, but she does not feel like he is committed to being with her. She owns an underground boxing ring and is in a world full of illegal things. When Raghu leaves for Udaipur, he leaves Pari with Julia.


Pari is the only family Raghu has. She is his older brother’s daughter and she is ten years old. Raghu dotes on his little niece and she means the world to him.


Ramona was the eldest daughter of the royal family of Udaipur. She was killed four years ago and her remains were found four years later. The day she disappeared was the day of a party. A party which many of her collegemates attended including Rohan and Raghu!

We cannot wait for Raghu and Meera to unravel this mystery! Bang Baang starts streaming on January 25, 2021!

Watch it on ZEE5.

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