Band Vaaje: 5 Best Moments Of Kashmeer Singh Aka Gurpreet Ghuggi You Should Watch

Gurpreet Ghuggi is a born scene-stealer. Read on to know about his hilarious contribution to the 2019 superhit Punjabi film Band Vaaje.


July 8, 2020


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A performer is considered talented when they snatch away the limelight and become a scene-stealer. Even though Gurpreet Ghuggi is not the lead of the 2019 blockbuster Punjabi film Band Vaaje, he makes sure to keep you laughing. In the Punjabi movie, Gurpreet plays Kashmeer Singh, a matchmaker and a friend of Inder (Binnu Dhillon). Kashmeer tries to find the ideal bride for Inder, but he fails as Inder’s elder brother Jeet (Smeep Kang) and beeji (Nirmal Rishi) have their own priorities to check. So here we are with the moments where Kashmeer aka Gurpreet steals the show.

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1. The Entry Of Kashmeer 

Gurpreet Ghuggi as Kashmeer (Source: ZEE5)

This is the introductory scene of Kashmeer. He is so desperate to get Inder married that he asks a girl on the metro to contact him if she’s looking for a groom. The girl tells him that she’s happily married with kids. Kashmeer tells her that being happy in a marriage is a hoax. He gives her his business card and tells her to contact him if she wants to get divorced and then get married again!

2. Phulkari Wali Angelina Jolie 

Binnu Dhillon with Smeep Kang, Nirmal Rishi and Gurpreet Ghuggi (Source: ZEE5)

After rejecting a proposal, Jeet tells Inder their requirements for the ghar ki bahu. Gurpreet sums it up perfectly by saying, “Inna va phulkari wali Angelina Jolie chahidi hai!

3. Guarantee Wale Papers  

Mandy Takhar, Gurpreet Ghuggi and Binnu Dhillon (Source: ZEE5)

Here, Inder tries to create a good first impression on Bilkis (Mandy Takhar) with the support of his friend, Kashmeer. Kashmeer tries to portray Inder as the ideal partner for Bilkis. Kashmeer tells Bilkis that she can take his signature on any ‘guarantee wale papers’ for Inder’s loyalty.

4. Surgeon Or Sirjanhaar?

A still from the movie (Source: ZEE5)

While Inder tricks Bilkis’ guardian Balwant Bajwa (Jaswinder Bhalla), Kashmeer tries to woo Jazz. Kashmeer lies to Jazz saying that he is a medical topper. Here, Jazz asks Kashmeer, “Je surgery de time, anaesthesia da asar khatam ho jaaye, ta surgeon nu ki karna chahida hai?” Kashmeer gives her a hilarious solution by saying, “Surgeon ne iss vich ki karna…fir te sirjanhaar ne jo karna o karna hai.”

5. Idde Moorey…Udde Moorey

A still from the movie (Source: ZEE5)

This is undoubtedly the best sequence of the film. Here, Kashmeer’s father is trying to understand Inder’s plans. Inder cooks up a story for his wedding with Bilkis. Kashmeer helps him and when his father arrives at Bilkis’ house, he tries to explain to the play to him. Uncle’s reaction to Inder scheme is outrageously hilarious. Kashmeer’s father draws a diagram to understand the whole matter!

So these are five such sequences where Gurpreet leaves a lasting impression and you become a fan of his comic timing. How did you like our list? Share your views in the comment section below.

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