Bananas to Almonds: Include These Things In Your Diet To Get Good, Sound Sleep

Take a look at food items you should consume for good sound sleep.

Riddhi Adsul

November 3, 2020

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Getting complete and good sleep is essentially important for your overall health. A good night’s sleep reduces the risk of developing certain chronic illnesses. It also keeps your brain healthy and boosts your immune system. Healthline recommends getting 7 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. However, they also state that several people fail to do so.

It is also suggested that one should sleep for a minimum 6 hours. Excessive use of mobile phones during the night also causes insomnia. The screen light not only affects your eyes but also your sleeping patterns. According to a university in Pennsylvania, your diet plays a vital role in your sleeping habits. Take a look at the following things that you can include in your diet to achieve deep sleep.


Banana is rich in protein. Consumption of bananas leads to the relaxation of your muscles. Potassium content in banana helps you to relieve the muscle pain, while Magnesium helps you relax your muscles and nerves. Eating banana also helps in digestion of food. It is also recommended to make banana an ideal go-to snack before bed.


Almonds contain the maximum amount of magnesium, which is necessary to take before food. According to an article in General of Ortho Molecular, magnesium plays an important role in your sleep. Almonds help to boost quality sleep as they contain melatonin. Melatonin helps to regulate your internal clock and signals your body to prepare for sleep.

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Eggs are rich in Vitamin D. At times, a deficiency of  Vitamin D also causes insomnia. Eating eggs every day can help you get to sleep soundly. Vitamin D affects the neurons in your brain.  According to new research, people with Vitamin D deficiency should eat eggs.

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