Bal Krishna Of Paramavatar Shri Krishna Has A Secret Beverage Addiction! Find Out What

Nirnay Samadhiya aka our modern Kanha prefers this beverage over ‘makhan’!

Ashutosh Oak

April 4, 2019


3 min


Whenever there’s a mention of the bal roop of Lord Shri Krishna, many would have heard and/or read that he was a mischievous boy. He was someone who was very fond of makhan or butter and loved stealing it. This ultimately earned him the nickname of a ‘makhan chor’. There are several stories, associated with this favourite food of Bal Krishna. In popular culture, we have truly got to watch these adorable moments of Bal Krishna enjoying eating his makhan from And TV’s show Paramavatar Shri Krishna. At times he stole it and was caught red-handed or else got it served by his Yashoda maiya in the show.

Watch the latest episode of the show below:

Now talking about cute little wonder boy Nirnay Samadhiya, who plays the role of Bal Krishna, he has captivated the hearts of viewers within a short span of time. Everyone loves him and the way he is seen eating makhan onscreen. But, recently there was something interesting which caught our attention. Do you know that Nirnay aka Bal Krishna prefers something else over having makhan in real life? Wait! Hold on to your horses. Before you think anything else we were just talking about a video posted by Nirnay himself where he is seen enjoying drinking tea on the sets of this show.

Take a look at this adorable video posted by Nirnay on his Instagram account here:

Awww! Isn’t that sweet? Indeed, Nirnay is modern Bal Krishna who prefers drinking tea moreover having makhan in real life. While drinking his tea, the little wonder first says that don’t make a boomerang of this. Further when asked that why he is drinking tea and not eating makhan, he replied by saying, “Makhan mehnga ho gaya hai (Butter is costly).”

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