Bahu In Focus: 5 Things We Want Preeta To Do, Starting With Fighting For Her Suhaag!

Aayushi Sharma

January 6, 2020


1 min

1. Accept her feelings for Karan already

Kundali Bhagya‘s Karan and Preeta are made for each other! Everyone who has been following the show will admit the two are just perfect together. Fans of the Zee TV show have been rooting for a #PreeRan union since forever now. But a lot has happened on the daily soap. Karan and Preeta got married, much to everyone’s surprise, but a shocking twist left them apart. However, that in no way has changed the way Karan and Preeta feel about each other.

Yes, Preeta, you love Karan Luthra. He is your best friend, ya! Admit to your love for him already, please? Why else would you wish for him to be happy despite all that he is doing to you? Every time Karan insults you, you feel hurt, but never can stay mad at him for long. Even on the day he got engaged to Mahira, you were happy he was looking great. Ye pyaar nahi toh aur kya hai, Preeta?

2. Stand up for her love and marriage

We absolutely loved the way Preeta confronted Mahira and asked her to not marry Karan. No matter what, Karan tied the knot with Preeta. Thus, it is only right that she takes a stand for her marriage and stops her husband from doing wrong to her. If you love the man, never let him go unless there is nothing you can do.

3. Confront Karan about what he is doing is wrong

Preeta only recently confessed that she does agree that Karan and Mahira should not get married. We want her to keep up with what she told Srishti. However, it is high time she starts giving Karan a taste of his own medicine. If Preeta feels what he did to her is not right, she should confront him directly instead of trying to hide from him.

4. Start giving it back to Mahira, Kareena Bhua and Sherlyn

Nothing changes the fact that Karan and Preeta did get hitched. So no amount of hatred or criticism should get to Preeta. In fact, we feel she should start giving to back to Mahira, Kareena Bhua and Sherlyn who never waste an opportunity to insult her.

5. Win over her in-laws

The Luthra family, who once immensely loved Preeta and did want her to be their daughter-in-law, don’t seem quite happy with her. We agree Sarla is right on her part to stop Preeta from maintaining any relations with the Luthras, however, somewhere we feel communication can solve a lot of issues.

What do you think Preeta should do? Tell us in the comments box below.

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